new thinkpad arriving momentarily. what operating system should i run?!?!

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@xor regardless of what you pick, you'd better go and catch it

@bonzoesc @xor all of them, probably not at the same time.

@xor Fedora?
it's bleeding edge
but it's stable

@xor For an OS I haven't run personally that I'd like you to test out for me, I suggest Redox, or for a more practical Linux, GNU Guix.

For an OS I actually use and enjoy, I really like what Pop OS has done with tiling in the Gnome Shell, and their choice of Flatpak over whatever the heck Ubuntu is doing with their package manager. I also have been enjoying Manjaro ARM with KDE on my Pinebook Pro, although I hear EndeavourOS may be a superior flavor of Arch Linux. I like Pacman+yay

@xor Debian. Or QubesOS. The @fsf recommended distribution list if neither of those two work.

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