I'm not going to port it over to the Fediverse because I feel like the video files are larger than good citizenship allows, but I'm very stoked on the recent label-finding and animation on my birdsite 78 bot

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In the meantime, I *have* brought over my bot posting images of roadside America from a very cool collection of 11,000 photographs by John Margolies in the Library of Congress! That's at @oldroadside

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@xor Nice bot, well done automating the animations (correct 78 rotation speed?) - and I feel the same way about porting videobots to here!

@touk thanks! it's much much slower than 78 RPM, so you can still kind of read the label. a few people have asked for it to be the "right" speed but i think it would look like it was absolutely whipping by

@xor Thought so, of course > 60 RPM should be < 1 sec per full rotation. (But you made the right call for the visualization!)

@touk I did run a test at "full speed," if you're interested, but it matches our assessment

@xor Clearly there's only one solution... Keep the 12.5 RPM video and slow the music down to 16% 😎

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