A surprising number of people in my social circles have led successful emoji proposals to Unicode, and while I think the whole model is kind of bunk and I don't want to participate in it, I ALSO feel an urge to try to collect that particular credential



For what it's worth, the emoji my friends and acquaintances have backed include
- Yo-yo
- Oyster (with pearl)
- Dumpling
- Falafel
etc, etc. These are fun and probably useful things

@xor well don't leave us hanging. what have you got in mind? personally, i think we're long overdue for a guillotine emoji. useful, yes, but maybe not fun.

@crwbot ugh the guillotine is such a good one. My leading contender is "redacted document"

@xor wonder if that could be achieved by some combination like censored + document.

here's a fun, useful thing that could be easily co-opted: whistle (noun). i'm not sure i've ever seen the whistle (verb) emoji used in the context of whistleblowing activity?

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