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Today I made grilled cheese sandwiches with Follow Your Heart brand American slices and it was *incredible*. Perfectly melty, and the flavor was so spot-on my non-vegan friend said she wouldn't have suspected it wasn't dairy cheese.

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@xor For all the love Daiya gets I think FYH is great. I feel like they've been around longer but maybe they stepped up their game because I can't stop eating it.

Meatball sandwiches with beyond meat sausage and FYH mozz are delicious


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@pagrus I'm not usually super into substitutes, but this was, like, That Good. I'm gonna try that meatball sub!

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@xor sweet, I hope you like it. faux meats have gotten like 1000% better than they used to be. I'm not even vegetarian but I have worked in natural foods for decades and am super excited about the options we have nowadays

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