I want to commit to a particular year-long project in the next couple of days but I think I need a pep talk before I can pull the trigger

^ doing this, probably launching it tomorrow :)


Alright, here it is: I am going to be making a zine every month this year out of newly public domain materials from 1923. I just launched a Kickstarter for subscriptions, which are capped at 100! Please back and share :) kickstarter.com/projects/88767

@xor congrats on hitting your goal so quickly!

@kit thank you, I am happy about it (with a bit of conflict: should I allow more folks in?)

@xor i'm in favor of that bc i didn't find out until just now but also mailing out 100 lil books is a lot of work and it's probably important to put a cap on it

@kit oh totally, 100 is a lot to print and mail and i will not add to that quantity. mayhap I can just mail PDFs to folks?

@xor if you did pdf subscriptions, i would totally buy 1

@kit sooooooo... now I will find out if this was a bluff

@xor just backed the PDF. What an interesting idea, looking forward to get my eyes on it! 😄

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