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It happens all the time. Someone asks "What's the system running on your computer?

Then, if I answer "OpenBSD" I get questions like "What is it?" "Why is it better?" "Why don't other people use it?" etc... and it's boring. Especially when it get to the kind of question "Convince me I should use it then".

I don't want to convince people to use it, they should do their own opinion about what they want and need.

Now I answer "I run something you don't want."

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Don't forget that today is backup day, again. :flan_smile:

Of course, I know you have backups and that they work, I wouldn't dare doubting about this.

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#Firefox requires at least 6.5 GB to be allocatable for web assembly, that's why it appears broken on #OpenBSD at first glance because our SANE default limits are totally exceeded here.

You can still make it work by using ulimit -d 6600000 before starting it (from a terminal)

Firefox is so disappointing :flan_sad:

Thanks landry@ for finding this out of searchfox.org/mozilla-central/

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@mwlucas If the man-pages for ed(1) on Linux are any indication, they're likely rubbish placeholder text, potentially with a corresponding GNU-info page cross-reference. The info page might have more info than the man page, though often still wanting when it comes to content and organization and you're stuck reading it in the info-viewer. For least-bad results, I find myself exploiting info's tty-detection and piping to less

$ info ed | less

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#psa You should probably stop using Startpage.com as a search engine.

#Startpage appears to have sold out to a company called "System1" who are a "pay-per-click behavioral ad company"


Please boost for exposure.

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I really want to take a nap in a pumpkin right now and I don't know why. Is this bad?

When level-grinding for the Pokédex just now, I found this shiny Larvitar:

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I bought a Raspberry Pi 4 with 2 GB of RAM. What should I do with it?

mbsync took only a few minutes to download all my mail from scratch. OfflineIMAP took almost an hour to do the same.

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hot take: the fact that humans, and probably also other animals, need to sleep has held us back millions of years amd sleep should be illegal

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A lot has changed in the last 2 months. I was approved for SSI, then I moved from the US to Finland, got married and got permanent residency in Finland. I went from living in abject poverty to being financially secure. I don't live alone and no longer have to worry about someone finding my dead body in my apartment because there was no one to call emergency services. It sill feels unreal that life can change this much.

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I described something as being so slow that "it's like a sloth decided to bathe in molasses then go to a furry convention as a snail"

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The Gold password, in case anyone wants it:

&Sp B22Ut
eTx#J r$TR$
iF&h= QGAU3

eg6UY 5EVxL
!Ei!e KPcfc
eY$%n JTmQg
Yy6xj Tnf!F
4+Yes 6xVwr

auHpL vvwBs
CvSGC shW7k

8g77& Q6PkR
dbUrh fYvmk
k5!sq 9$!ux
eB?zi F%&nm

UDa2Z he64#
Njb9S qFdSs
4ki3y qn7#b
vtc=z 67G&5


I just beat the original Golden Sun. Next: The Lost Age...

I just encountered a shiny Abra in Pokémon Crystal and had no Balls with which to catch it. ;_;

OH: "Laundry is basically an extreme sport"

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