I just encountered a shiny Abra in Pokémon Crystal and had no Balls with which to catch it. ;_;

OH: "Laundry is basically an extreme sport"

The 3rd AC adapter I tried worked. The system is fully functional. I have yet to notice symptoms of capacitor failure, either, despite the capacitors in this unit being those poor-quality Chhsi ones.

After having lifted a solder pad on my VA2.3 Sega Genesis 2 when trying to replace its RESET button, I have finally fixed it by soldering a wire to where that solder pad led.

I have fully recovered from my first cold in almost 3 years.

Dirty contacts deleted the saved data. I should spend a long while rebuilding this.

Now I've caught the final remaining fish.

I just switched from xmonad back to i3.

I just caught the final remaining insect in my old Animal Crossing town. It took me over 14.5 years to do so.

I just beat Red in Pokémon Silver. My party were woefully under-leveled, but I beat Red.

I found a spare CR2025 in my closet, which seems to work, touch wood.

The replacement battery in my copy of Pokémon Silver, obtained in late 2013 and installed in early 2014, is already depleted. I guess that's how it decided to celebrate the Space World '97 leak. :-P RIP 2014­­–2018

I just super-completed The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX on a save file that was less than a day old.

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