#2532 Censored Vaccine Card 

CVS's pharmacies are fine, but I much prefer their [censored]s.

#2531 Dark Arts 

You think, 'okay, THIS is an ideal use case for hardlinks!' but then 6 months later you're doing some extremely cursed Google search like 'javascript ext4' and wondering where things went wrong.

#2530 Clinical Trials 

We don't need to do a clinical trial of this change because the standard of care is to adopt new ideas without doing clinical trials.

#2529 Unsolved Math Problems 

After decades of studying the curve and the procedure that generates it, the consensus explanation is "it's just like that."

#2528 Flag Map Sabotage 

Delaware hopes to explore the western edge of areas marked with the Belgian flag, once the tornadoes die down.

#2527 New Nobel Prizes 

They've endowed a separate prize in Physiology or Medicine or Stopping Dr. Adams.

#2526 Tsp vs Tbsp 

It's like one teraspoon / when all you need is a kilonife

#2525 Air Travel Packing List 

I know the etiquette is controversial, but I think it's rude when the person in front of me reclines their seat into the bell of my trumpet.

#2524 Comet Visitor 

It's a myth that the Great Wall of China is the only human-made structure visible from space--there are LOTS of structures for us to feel self-conscious about!

#2523 Endangered 

The list includes polio, Guinea worm, and this one particular enterovirus strain that they've been tracking out of spite after it went around the lab a few years ago.

#2522 Two-Factor Security Key 

The bruises on my fingertips are my proof of work.

#2521 Toothpaste 

"9 out of 10 dentists have banned me from their offices."

#2520 Symbols 

"röntgen" and "rem" are 20th-century physics terms that mean "no trespassing."

#2519 Sloped Border 

"The slope will be 74° at ground level." "Okay, I think we can hack together a ... wait, why did they specify ground level? It's 74° everywhere, right? ... Oh no, there's a whole section in the treaty labeled 'curvature.'"

#2518 Lumpers and Splitters 

Anna Karenina is a happy family lumper and unhappy family splitter.

#2517 Rover Replies 

I'm so glad NASA let you take your phone to Mars!

#2516 Hubble Tension 

Oh, wait, I might've had it set to kph instead of mph. But that would make the discrepancy even wider!

#2515 Vaccine Research 

Honestly feel a little sheepish about the amount of time and effort I spent confirming "yes, the vaccine helps protect people from getting sick and dying" but I guess everyone needs a hobby.

#2514 Lab Equipment 

I've been working on chocolate bar annealing techniques to try to produce the perfect laser s'more. Maybe don't mention that on the grant application though.

#2513 Saturn Hexagon 

Sorry, in SI units that's "there's a big football in there."

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