a matter of time before some idiot decides the Getting Started column is a fine place for ads

also under the tootbox is ample unused space..

"birdsite" is my favourite masto term, it's like we're all in a speakeasy and we don't utter that we all came from there lest we break the code of Mastodon converts

@deadsuperhero @zacanger NPM dependency hell is 2001 Linux all over again.  I wonder when we'll have an Aptitude/YUM analogue for NPM.
One thing that's pretty clear is that a lot of users have become very encultured to living within monolithic systems. Anything else is kind of a culture shock to them.

An Electron-based desktop app for Mastodon that lets you use multiple accounts github.com/rhysd/Mstdn

Internally, big sites like birdsite are massively distributed databases.

Look at the federation bugs you see on . Delays. Glitches. Missing posts.

Twitter has the same issues, because these are fundamentally hard computer science problems. The tinfoil hat brigade sees censorship and conspiracies, where people who know how these things work just see the expected bugs.

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See, thing is, folks setting up the current generation of Mastodon servers aren't building dynastic zaibatsu strongholds.

They're building clubhouses.

Set your expectations accordingly and things will be more fun and less worrying.

:rotating_light: mastodon.social closed registration again

yes, securing identities and impersonation are problems, but being able to jump between servers freely is a feature. be a person, not a globdamn #brand

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Reminder that according to Mastodon Socials ToS the only thing anyone "HAS TO" cw or mark as sensitive is overtly sexual content.
Just because you can't handle something doesn't mean it's "simple" or "common courtesy" for someone else to recognize.
Example: someone who follows politics is not going to see it as something to hide.
It is not other people's job to curate to your brain.

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