When I boost your toot just picture me as a 1950s Rock n' Roll Radio DJ saying "It's a hit daddy-o!"

i smooched the void
and the void smooched back


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Broke: Parks and Recreation is a comedy because it's funny
Woke: Parks and Recreation is a tragedy because of Leslie Knope's sisyphean struggles to make change within a community mired by apathy
Bespoke: Parks and Recreation is a comedy because it demonstrates the absurdity of neoliberalism and the comic frustrations of its proponents when their ideology inevitably fails to connect with the working class

@laser *Kurt "Andrew WK" Cobain arrives at Elvis' secret compound in Mexico*

ELVIS: Uh, thank you very much for coming.

TUPAC: How's it going, long time no see.

AMY WINEHOUSE: It's so lovely to meet you!


my titties are too strong for you.. traveller...

hollywood bepis really blew the bot game out of the water

brb y'all i'll post again when i get back. just goin' for a quick walk. this neighborhood is fancy as fuck

🌨️ 🌨️🌨️ 🌨️🌨️🌨️

🌲 🌲🌳🌳
🌳 🌳🌲 🌲
πŸ„ 🐾

dangerous and concerning that youre not boosting this toot rn 😬

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