Would anyone like a hug in this trying time

*submits this picture to the Library Of Congress as a historically significant piece*

can strictly platonic love with no homoerotic undertones bloom on the battlefield

reaching dangerous wizard levels

(100%) β– β– β– β– β– β– β– β– β– β– 

jpegmafia voice:
i’m a bastard, i’m babey

Oh, I name all my kids after where they were conceived. Now, come along Reno, and grab your brother Chuck E Cheese Ballpit

Truth staying in her well and just subtooting mankind cause she doesn't feel up for a big confrontation right now

the two types of boy are tensed shoulders and tongue out

we now bring you live coverage from the convention floor, right in the heart of the 2019 poo poo pee pee convention, 

hello it's a very normal day today and i would like some very normal birthday boosts, as today is actually my birthday. i am glad everyone is relaxed today and willing to entertain themselves by boosting this toot

Society is like a yellow submarine in that we all live in one

sighing into a mason jar at hurling it at a cop car

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