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This week's net.wars, "Power plays", mulls our general insignificance in the scheme of digital platforms:

This week's net.wars, "The visible computer", revisits Marc Weiser's 1991 paper imagining 21st-century computers as restful (with a cameo appearance by @sbisson). As if:

This week's net.wars, "That was the year that wasn't", reviews 2021 and finds that a lot happened but nothing structural changed:

This week's net.wars, "Scale", tries to think about web3 and how it avoids the problems of scale and mismatch that have plagued the Internet to date:

This week's net.wars, "Dependencies at scale", mulls the escalating complexity that results in things like the widespread log4j bug and the AWS outage. Not the Singularity of song and story?

This week's net.wars, ""Crypto"", realizes it's time to remind people that a) "crypto" does not just mean "cryptocurrencies", and that both cryptocurrencies and their let's-get-rid-of-all-the-banks aspects have roots that go back way before bitcoin:

This week's net.wars, "Trust and antitrust", reviews the many recent stories raising the alarm about privacy and Amazon, the US's second-most trusted organization:

This week's net.wars, "Lawful interception", watches Apple sue NSO Group and recounts its back story as seen through the work of @citizenlab:

This week's net.wars, "Digital god squabble", ponders Amazon, Visa, and a reality in which we are all just grains of rice for global giants to fight over:

This week's net.wars, "Third wave", discovers Web3, and wishes it could be more optimistic about the prospect that *this* time decentralization will win over all the countervailing winds:

This week's net.wars, "The vanishing posf office (part II), sees another little chunk taken out of the social infrastructure. Granted, in a place that can probably afford it. But still:

This week's net.wars, "Majority Report", goes to Jon Crowcroft's workshop on computational governance, which asks how democracy and majoritarian algorithmic governance can live together:

This week's net.wars, "It's about power", goes to UKIGF and ponders the UK's proposed data protection reform:

This week's net.wars, "The future is hybrid", ponders what happens when virtual events turn real, when employees turn on Big Tech, and when governors think reading HTML code is hacking:

This week's net.wars, "The inside view", mulls what we've learned in the last two weeks of Facebook whistleblower disclosures:

This week's net.wars, "Plausible diversions", goes to and finds the technology glamor being stripped away in favor of larger contextual analysis:

This week's net.wars, "Is the juice worth the squeeze?" attends the first day of for a discussion of how to regulate robots and steals its headline from @hartzog:

This week's net.wars, "Learning events", goes to and finds near-optimism among the dystopias:

This week's net.wars, "Globalizing Britain", notes the arriving array of policy plans and wonders what will be left afterwards:

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