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This week's net.wars, "The Trial", finds a rare opportunity to compare the case lawyers construct against the evidence base via @johncarreyrou's new podcast covering the trial of former Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes, which began on Tuesday:

This week's net.wars, "The threat we left behind", finds years of warnings about the safety risks imposed on refugees by privacy-invasive technologies and that Afghanistan is the most "biometrically identifiable" country in the world:

This week's net.wars, "Outtakes", is a small mid-pandemic rant in which everyone gets to be anxious about the pandemic however they want:

This week's net.wars, "Legacy", finds that the "new normal" is hardening into a more pervasively privacy-invasive society as pandemic accommodations like QR codes, workplace monitoring, and pub apps become entrenched:

This week's net.wars, "Privacy-preserving mass surveillance", contemplates the Orwellianness of this week in digital rights, in which Apple breaks encryption, AI crashes into reality, and Facebook tries to blame the FTC for its sins:

This week's net.wars, "Immune response" finds vaccination passports are even more problematic than previously realized:

This week's net.wars, "Fragmentation as a service", visits an IGF-US panel hosted by @mikenelson on the future of the Internet circa 2026:

This week's net.wars, "When software eats the world">, tries to grapple with our irrational approach to trust in the durability of software:

This week's net.wars, "The border-industrial complex" attends @securityflows workshop on datafication at the EU borders (title credit to @luisaizuz):

This week's net.wars, "Them", wants to break "AI" up into "them" pieces that can be individually considered:

This week's net.wars, "Libera me", finds an IRC channel missing in action, the result of an abrupt fork in the most important part of the Internet most people have forgotten:

This week's net.wars, "The fragility of strangers", finds that a random stranger across the world can leverage a vulnerability in a company you've never heard of and threaten your daily survival:

This week's net.wars, "Data serfs", finds NHSx demanding the patient data of England's 56 million people, as if the anger over never happened: (with thanks to @medconfidential, who can tell you how to opt out)

This week's net.wars, "Judgments day", celebrates wins of @privacyint, @openrightsgroup, @the3million, @bigbrotherwatch, and many others and losses for surveillance and secrecy in the CJEU:

This week's net.wars, "Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny", marvels at Amazon's Sidewalk mesh network and observes that the problem with new tech is that no one seems ever to learn from the right sort of prior art:

This week's net.wars, "Pre-crime", notes that alongside the UK government's Online Safety Bill run economic aspirations for becoming a world leader in "safetytech": Thanks to @defenddiigtalme

This week's net.wars, "Decision not decision", surveys the Facebook Oversight board's ruling on its most famous case:

This week's net.wars, "The tonsils of the Internet", notes Google's win for fair use, content moderators' suffering, and the lost union vote in Alabama:

This week's net.wars, "Fast, free, and frictionless", attends the @MIT_IDE Social Media Summit led by @sinanaral, and explores how we solve a problem like social media:

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