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This week's net.wars, "Frenemies", reminds that Google and Apple are not our friends just because they blocked the government's plan to collect location data via the contact tracing app:

This week's net.wars, "Which science?" reads the initial findings of a project comparing government pandemic responses across the world:

This week's net.wars, "Medical apartheid", pre-emptively opposes vaccination passports, which may be proposed on Monday. Veterans of the 2005-2010 fight against national ID cards groan, "Here we go again."

This week's net.wars, "Curating the curators", goes to the first @platgov Platform Governance conference and finds a vast array of new complexity (and in the absence of lawyers, too!) :

This week's net.wars, "Dystopian non-fiction", reviews @shalinikantayya's documentary, CODED BIAS, starring @jovialjoy, @mathbabedotorg, @merbroussard, @poptechworks, @zeynep, and @silkiecarlo. Tl;dr: See this movie!

This week's net.wars, "Voter suppression in action", wonders whether the push for online voting was only ever because politicians thought they'd get the voters they wanted:

This week's net.wars, "Covid's children", visits the LSE's panel on children's and young people's post-covid experience convened by Sonia Livingstone (@Livingstone_S) and ponders the future awaiting the baby downstairs as outlined by Jen Persson @defenddigitalme:

This week's net.wars, "The convenience", starts with a mobile vaccination unit and winds up pondering the growing splinternet of non-interoperable communications:

This week's net.wars, "Vaccine connoisseurs", updates some past interests, but mostly frets about the potential for immunity passports as vaccines roll out and begin to create health snobbery:

This week's net.wars, "The spirit of Mother Jones", surveys the chancges that labor organizing in Silicon Valley will succeed this time: (The title is a reference to the great Andy Irvine's song:

This week's net.wars, "Dead cat trampoline", gawks at Gamestop; yes, the market is broken and this is not good news:

This week's net.wars, "Surveillance without borders", goes to @cpdpconferences , where proposals include "collectivizing" Facebook:

This week's net.wars, "In the balance" visits the Facebook Oversight Board's new caseload and Australia's push toward forcing platforms to negotiate license fees with publishers:

The thousandth weekly net.wars, "One thousand", is not so different from the first, back in November 2001:

This week's net.wars (999), "The most dangerous game", surveys this week's Capitol Building attack, in which uncrackable encryption played no role:

This week's net.wars (998), "Build back", welcomes 2021 and hopes to replace bleakness with the long, one-step-at-a-time slog of remediation:

This week's net.wars (997), "Year out", reviews 2020 and concludes that things happened but we can't really remember what they were:

This week's net.wars (996), "Ghost hackers", visits @CEPS_thinktank Workshop on the Economics of Information Security and learns that life as a career hacker may be not much different from the lives @marylgray and @ssuri profiled in their book Ghost Work:

This week's net.wars (995), "Facebook in review", mulls the antitrust suits and how we got here:

This week's net.wars (994), "Scraped", visits the hiQ v LinkedIn case and concludes that no matter how you look at it, users lose (but web scraping should be legal):

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