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This week's net.wars, "Antepenultimate", carps about the choices forced on us by the way UK banks are implementing 2FA under PSD2:

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This week's net.wars, "The law of the camera", is dismayed by the privatization of public space that facial recognition at Kings Cross represents:

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This week's net.wars, "Collision course", considers the mismatch between growing mass surveillance systems and concerns about our democratic future:

This week's net.wars (994), "Scraped", visits the hiQ v LinkedIn case and concludes that no matter how you look at it, users lose (but web scraping should be legal):

This week's net.wars (993), "Data protection in review", tours through 25 years of data protection, failed enforcement, and international power struggles:

This week's net.wars (992), "Open access in review", follows last week's review of copyright abuse with a tour through 30 years of developing beneficial uses of copyright:

This week's net.wars (991), "Copyright in review", tours 30 years of writing about copyright and the Internet:

This week's net.wars (990), "Crypto the review" looks back at the last 25 years of writing about crypto policy. tl;dr: the fundamental debate has not changed, and it ain't gonna:

This week's net.wars (989), "The reckoning" visits the antitrust complaint against Google, just one piece of the long arc of power struggle between global technology and nation-states:

This week's net.wars (986), "Incoming", mulls the report of the House antitrust investigation into GAFA:

This week's net.wars (984), "The zero on the phone", goes virtually to and finds the robots have dematerialized into AI systems:

*Doorbell* Me: Hello? Fireman: Hi - do you have a smoke detector? Me: Yes. Fireman: Test it regularly? Me: Every time I cook.

This week's net.wars (983), "Systems thinking", visited this week's @ukigf while still under the influence of @cybsights Cybernetics Conference:

This week's net.wars, "Autofail", catches up with attempts to reform S230, the fallout from Schrems 2, GPT-3, and abnormal-resistant camera phones:

This week's net.wars, "The Internet as we know it", finds the Internet - yet again - under threat of fundamental change (with nitpick for @jamesrbuk):

This week's net.wars, "Through the mousehole", finds that two new books, The Rodchenkov (Grigory Rodchenkov) Affair and The Russian Affair (David Walsh, @davidwalshst) , offers lessons in security design from Russia's thoroughly dysfunctional anti-doping system:

This week's net.wars, "The end of choice", argues that controlling GAFA's platform power isn't enough if it remains impossible to opt out of their world:

This week's net.wars, "Revenge of the browser wars", mulls the importance of Mozilla and Firefox in the web's ecosystem in the light of this week's restructuring announcement:

This week's net.wars, "The big four", reviews last week's Big Tech Congressional hearings, and finds two different hearings for the price of one:

This week's net.wars, "Driving while invisible", goes to and tries to connect some very strange dots from @mikarv, @hahhahsmeth, and @rdbinns:

This week's net.wars, "The invisible Internet", visits the US_IGF and finds...well, the same old topics, but tries to answer the question asked: what will Internet governance look like 25 years hence?

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