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This week's net.wars, "Antepenultimate", carps about the choices forced on us by the way UK banks are implementing 2FA under PSD2:

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This week's net.wars, "The law of the camera", is dismayed by the privatization of public space that facial recognition at Kings Cross represents:

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This week's net.wars, "Collision course", considers the mismatch between growing mass surveillance systems and concerns about our democratic future:

This week's net.wars, "Negative externalities", mulls the disappearance of the "millennial lifestyle" as financial reality bites down on unsustainable, loss-makers:

This week's net.wars, "Creepiness at scale", wishes companies would stop mining Philip K. Dick for new dystopias to invent:

This week's net.wars, "Level two", visits the danger zone this week's NHTSB report highlights between the reality of today's "AI" and our perception of it:

This week's net.wars, "Update needed", reviews Kieren McCarthy's (@kieren) paper on Internet governance. Tl;dr: needs an update:

This week's net.wars, "Nine meals to anarchy", revisits a 2020 talk by the Birmingham Food Council's Kate Cooper for the Cybernetics Society (@cybsights) on her work understanding the fragile, complex system that feeds us:

In this week's net.wars, "Well may the bogeyman come", we visit (in person!) @cpdpconferences to find frustration and hope among the thoughts of the future of privacy:

This week's net.wars, "Mona Lisa smile", hopes Zoom will listen to the 27 human rights groups, led by @fightfortheftr, asking it not to install "emotion detection"; it's not a feature, it's a bug!

This week's net.wars, "False economy" finds that this week every cryptocurrency has been unhappy in its own way:

This week's net.wars, "Heartbeat", reads Justice Alito's draft ruling to overturn Roe v. Wade, and considers the privacy implications:

This week's net.wars, "The abundance of countries", mashes together the CJEU ruling on Article 17 of the copyright directive, free speech on Twitter, the nascent cybercrime treaty, and AI-enhanced plagiarism:

This week's net.wars, "The data of sport", reads @juliapowles' and @tobywalsh's paper on the rampant collection of data about athletes (and watches the video of the launch panel); as usual all the wrong people benefit:

This week's net.wars, "The price of 'free'", welcomes Amazon' Staten Island's vote to unionize and considers the context:

This week's net.wars, "Grounded", watches the recent documentary DOWNFALL: THE CASE AGAINST BOEING while reading @JessieSingerNYC's recent book, THERE ARE NO ACCIDENTS:

This week's net.wars, "Dangerous corner", considers privacy, facial recognition, and Ukraine's use of Clearview AI. (with thanks to @halhod, whose tweet inspired it and @jackmcd83):

This week's net.wars, "There may be trouble ahead..." is alarmed by reading the Nature paper on using AI to generate potential candidate molecules to become neurotoxins:

This week's net.wars, "The rhetoric meets the road", considers the proposition that cryptocurrencies pose a significant loophole to economic sanctions:

This week's net.wars, "Sovereign stack", discusses Ukraine's request that ICANN shut down Russia's Internet access. Tl;dr: bad idea:

This week's net.wars, "Irreparable harm" indicts the adults and the flawed security system that is anti-doping in the case of Kamila Valieva:

This week's net.wars, "The search for intelligent life", goes looking for meat inside "web3" and finds Danny O'Brien (@mala) and an explanation of Filecoin:

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