The moon getting ready for Halloween. As seen on. My ride to work this morning.

Apparently they are shooting a Starsky and Hutch remake here in Victoria

The Striped Tomato rides again

Under the title Capitalism will find a way – Destination Isolation

Unbundling University with Destination Campuses

Resorts Seeks Teleworkers,

enters Stage 3 and the traffic on the way to work is crazy this morning.

Virus Top 20 – My Corona credit Chris Mann
Got to make a grocery run, well that sounds fun
Why’m I out here risking my life corona?
Where’s a goddammed parking space
Shit, I touched my face
Wait, I think I finally caught my Corona

You live through 2 global calamities (at least) and find a way to serve with distinction during both. The second time at age 100 staring down a virus uniquely dangerous to people just like you. Bravo Captain Tom…

Virus Top 20
To the tune – Come on Irene
Covid 19, I swear I’ve been distanc-ing
At the moment you mean everything
Who’s getting it next
Not me, I hope best…

I missed getting some Mother’s Day goodies from these folks but it’s never too late for an Oat Bar…

Virus top 20 – To the tune of Hey Nineteen
Covid 19
We can walk together
We can talk at all
Please leave me alone and I’ll wash my hands…

In the last month, 8 Canadians in uniform lost in 3 separate tragedies along with 21 others. Against a background of 4,195 lost to Covid-19. Its hard to be optimistic. But somehow looking at their faces, you can’t help feeling a sense of pride, gratitude and hope.

Virus top 20 – To the tune of Rock the Casbah
Now the King talks of boogie men
You have to let that virus run
The Oil down 20 a barrel
Has been shaken markets round..
The Chief don’t Like it
Rock the Fauci
Rock the Fauci

Hoping this is one of many favourites that will be back soon…

It will be interesting to see if medical equipment including PPE will start to be classified as a strategic resource. Pressure for domestic production. Port Alberni, Crofton and Powell River could be the next Oil Sands project..

Adding to my Virtual Meeting Bingo card in the last 24 hours
Starleaf Cloud and Swoogo with a couple of Zoom meetings, a Goto Meeting, and a Webex.
Next step, I really need a live updating histogram with meetings by provider

You think social media would be more civil if you made people cut out their anonymous notes from magazines like the old days?

So in the Isolation Game – last 24 hours of conference calls have been MS Teams, Webex, BlueJeans, Old fashion PSTN conference call, and GoToMeeting. Anyone got a Zoom meeting I can join before my next Webex in an hour?

My latest EDC addition from a local BC company. Had to sit on the waiting list for awhile. But the only thing I can think of that says “Made in BC”

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