Finall call for tonight's webinar:

How to build user interfaces using VL.Elementa

Run by the creator of this versatile widget library himself: Natan Sinigaglia

¿Quieres aprender ?

Acompáñanos en un webinar de 3 horas para principiantes este sábado 27 de junio, donde te mostraremos las maravillas del completamente nuevo ambiente para : gamma

Venez en apprendre plus sur le creative coding et la programmation visuelle avec vvvv gamma dans ce webinaire en ligne entièrement en français :

Donné par : @sebescudie

With VL.Elementa, vvvv user dottore and contributors created the most prolific UI widget library for to date. In a webinar this Wednesday he shows how to use and extend it with your own widgets.


Letzter Aufruf: Heute Abend gibts ein deutschsprachiges Webinar zum Thema:

Einfühung in mit der visuellen Programmiersprache gamma

Tickets für 5€ hier:

With you have access to an endless supply of libraries that help you solve all kinds of problems.

In Friday's webinar you'll learn how to use .NET nugets without writing a single line of code!


Take your next steps in vvvv: Join us for the webinar this Thursday, where we build a simple game from scratch:

This is the ideal follow-up webinar in case you took any of the introduction for beginners or learned the basics yourself.

Final call for tonight's webinar: "Introduction to Reactive Programming with vvvv gamma"

Learn how to take your programming to the next level by working with events and multithreading.


You’re familiar with the basics of gamma and want to get more out of it?

Learn about the basic concepts of reactive programming which gives you tools to handle asynchronous events, background calculations and more...

June 9, 6pm CET:

Watch the VL.Elementa 3.0.0 Pre-release conference:

VL.Elementa is an extensive UI widget library, layouting and styling library for VL, developed by vvvv poweruser Natan Sinigaglia and contributors.

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