Final reminder: April 1st is the last day that you can get your vvvv gamma licenses with a 20% discount:

So if you're planning to use vvvv commercially or simply want to invest in your future development platform, now is a good time, to get started!

Earlybird pricing for the all-new gamma ends on April 1st!

And how vvvv is using an ancient system called "trust" for software licensing instead of :

Timeline your data using VL.Kairos

"Soon it will be obvious that Kairos is not only a solution for common known problems, but truly a new land to be explored, where to shape new methodologies and creative paths."

A webinar by Natan Sinigaglia, maker of Kairos:

Missing a feature in ?

It only takes a few lines of or to create custom nodes. Or simply use any available without writing a single line of code!

For details check our documentation:

This is not your ordinary Timeline!

Out now: the next-generation timeline system "Kairos" built by Natan Sinigaglia, entirely in

Watch a demo from the last meetup:

Thanks to @xenko the all-new gamma now comes equipped with a full-fledged 3d engine!

Check out the release notes and divvvve right into the first tutorial:

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