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Cannot wait to start uni and have new people enter my life.

My digital pen ran out of battery, and I lost my charging cable while moving... πŸ™ƒ

Everyone I know who flocked to Vero, yet ignored Mastodon, seems to have done so for UI/UX reasons

I dreamt I was a figure skating professional, absolutely loved it, and won a bronze medal

Coming from Blender, Maya seems like a nightmare to me in UI decisions. Pretty much feeling the exact way Maya users talk about Blender whenever they need to work with it

Black Panther was excellent. Think it shot straight into my top 1 Marvel film.

Seeing so much love for Black Panther that I might actually go and watch it despite my Marvel fatigue

Jetlag usually doesn't mess up my sleeping routine, but instead fixes it

Most of my photos which do well are taken with my phone, even though I also have a DSLR.

Photography isn't about what you take photos with, but what you take photos OF, and HOW you decide to show it. These things can be done without DSLR too. Don't let a lack of equipment keep you from having fun!

Rice wine is one of my favourite drinks now. Omg it's so good

Someone made sure the squirrel at Korea University isn't freezing! Cold temperatures in Seoul ❄

And we had vegan food in Busan, which was really tasty! Their kimchijeon was incredibleee

Forget Mtn Dew, Pringles is the true savior of gamers. You can now get your soda soft drinks and crisps AT THE SAME TIME! And if you want to be healthier, there's an option for that too!

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