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I met a survivor of the shoah once who was the angriest man I ever met. Just full of rage. My father asked him about his family once and he got a bitter little smile on his face and said "I have 4 children and 9 grandchildren. I'm very proud of them." The joy he took in his family, as a revenge, was seamlessly attached to his fury at what had been taken from. Some evil, you keep fighting, even when it's dead. You keep fighting it, by breathing, by smiling, by loving, by being happy.

you might use create-react-app and think nobody will ever know, but noscript users know every time, and we judge you for it

rose prickly pear prickly pear, painted by deborah griscom passmore, 1904

you don't have to be smart to see how tucker carlson appeals to the middle of the bell curve, but you do have to be stupid to think tucker carlson is smart

Can we all just agree to call TERFs FARTs (Feminism Appropriating Radical Transphobe) from now on?

If one of my posts doesn't get any faves or boosts it's because there were technical problems with the instance, nothing to do with the quality of the post

Found a bug in the wild!

Go to any subreddit right now and try to find out how many people are online at that sub

RT Helping adults learn to not call the police with an image commonly used for kindergartners is incredibly my brand


every genuine conservative I’ve ever met was a fucking catdog

How to use mastodon by lee:
You show up, post some weird takes, reply to your pals posts with shit you hope they'll appreciate and won't be annoying, get distracted and log off
Repeat daily and make new friends

slavery (ancient Roman) 

This image of an “adorable” Roman “dog tag” is going round Tumblr and someone is going to have to break the bad news to them...

Hello there were technical difficulties, but I am back online, and streaming writing open source Go tools:

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