playing guitar on a huge paper mache moon. i'm being lowered from the ceiling, my white suit is hideous, my rictus grin is fraying. i'm totally feeling soulful

it’s a real shame about how that guy didn’t kill Steve Scalise when he shot him

the feature people like most about Rust is the smug sense of superiority it imbues its users with

drug joke 

who called it shooting heroin and not dependency injection send toot


trump loses in 2020, and then is cast in a right-wing media (e.g. OANN) West Wing-alike as himself as president in an alternate reality where he won instead, and the scripts are all basically events happening in real life, so he gets to keep being “president”, and his permasupporters get to point at what they “could‘ve” had if only they’d gotten their way.

If a sudden campaign emerged to send patent trolls to the gulag, you wouldn't hear a peep outta me.

I'm certain that Facebook is the worst thing to happen to humanity since at least the second world war, but torn on whether or not it's worse than the world war itself.

On nerd victimhood 

Myth: Nerds were bullied in high school for being smart

Reality: Self-styled "nerds" were mostly ignored in high school because of the low value they placed on interpersonal relationships, but due to their feelings of entitlement to high social status and an artificial and strongly sought-after victimhood that they picked up from mass media depictions of the "bullied nerd," they have re-cast childhood inconveniences in those terms in order to win arguments on the internet

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