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Vee Satayamas

Aldnoah Zero 1st season has an awesome plot but 2nd season has a very weak plot :crying:

I failed to use Zookeeper with SSL too. 馃槄

I failed to use kafkacat with SASL_plain. 馃槺

#java #python #ruby understand how the jargons of OOP arose, explained from the ground up of basic concepts of function: class, method, object, static/instance, constructor, accessor, access specifiers, inheritance, class hierarchy, interface, abstract, iterator, enumerator, polymorphism.

@Skoll3 I heard about The Japanese invasion of Thailand more often. Yes, it is self centric. 馃槢

I think installing node and mongo is probably similar to installing elixir and postgres in complexity.

@Skoll3 According to that accident, Thai gov built the victory monument, which may be the biggest one in Bangkok.

@Skoll3 After reading WIkipedia, I think I've heard all of them but I didn't know the name, and I didn't know much details. 馃槢

@Skoll3 Btw I've heard about Franco-Thai War, which is a few months after Japanese invasion of French Indochina. So I probably heard Japanese invasion of French Indochina too but I didn't know the name.

It seems #Solaris 11.4 added an interesting ssh-ldap-getpubkey(8) util to request public keys stored in an LDAP server

" It is designed to be the value of the AuthorizedKeysCommand setting in the聽sshd_config(5) file. When run, it requests a user's聽ssh(1)聽Public key from an LDAP server.

The name 'sshPublicKey' is the default聽ssh(1)聽public key attribute name in the LDAP schema. This application uses theldapsearch(1) command to request a user\'s SSH public"

Great slide from showing how we should shift the stereotypical tech culture to be more positive.

Anyone having a clear and simple tutorial on how to install NetBSD on a macppc as the only system? I wasn not able to figure out how to finish the installation and be able to boot again from the HDD 馃槧

Nokia 3 AF-C in video doesn't look so good. 馃槢