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Vee Satayamas

Kdenlive looks like a feature-rich video editing app.

here inside the pleroma factory we can see up close just how pleroma is made

I bought a textbook. They use Gradle. It is even in Groovy. So using Leiningen from Clojure should be the same?

I want to use Leiningen in a Java project instead of Maven. 馃槀

Eclipse main menu is like a list of context menus?

Noooooooo! Why would anyone do this UI???

I saw 3 "preference" items in Eclipse menu.

@redsPL @angristan
I am a BSD Admin and i liked BSD very much in the past, but the further you dig and the more you know, the more i started to dislilke it.

There are some very good ideas! It does have a lot of potential, but it stays there, at potential.

It is nice to challenge your brain and to learn something new, but i didn't do any new BSD installation since ~2 years and won't do any in the future.

@inprincipioeratverbum I'm not use whether I will keep using it, so I'm downloading all of photos. Then I know how sucks the ISP, that I use ,is.

@inprincipioeratverbum People just mentioned me in a long thread, which is not related to me.

@zyabin101 I'm sorry. There were only 2.

Another one is not L10N.

@zyabin101 "he bootloader is not a place to configure time zones"

Then it should be removed from the menu.

@zyabin101 "it's really great to not provision a second keyboard layout"

It sucks and is not usable.

By installing manjaro-xfce-17.1.7-stable-x86_64.iso, I found 3 L10N issues:

1. Boot menu made me confuse since I can choose timezone but I cannot choose Bangkok.

2. In the installer, if I choose Thai keyboard, I can't type any Latin alphabet. As, it is physically labeled, Thai keyboard is actually US/TH keyboard.