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Vee Satayamas

By installing manjaro-xfce-17.1.7-stable-x86_64.iso, I found 3 L10N issues:

1. Boot menu made me confuse since I can choose timezone but I cannot choose Bangkok.

2. In the installer, if I choose Thai keyboard, I can't type any Latin alphabet. As, it is physically labeled, Thai keyboard is actually US/TH keyboard.

In Thailand, Internet speed is fast if we don't download photos from Flickr. 馃槹

What are these partitions in my external HDD? 馃槹

How about giving all my photos on Flickr?

I just bought a new t-shirt from Uniqlo.

Tusky on Nokia3 still has the same issue.

I should join Beta testing!

I used IKEA 6-cups-size Moka pot ,for preparing iced coffee, from cheap Robusta blend coffee beans.

What is this app?

I want to buy an iPhone now. 馃槄

Can I hide the side bar of Keynote on iPad?

One on the left is paid.
One on the right is free (as free beer).

Maybe 4G/3G won't work when I am out there; although it has never happened. 馃槀

So I am preparing offline maps.

I have the same problem. Tusky's notification hasn't gone after a toot was sent.

I guess I will stop using Tusky for a while "sending toot ..." has never been finished.