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Vee Satayamas

Chips, Coffee Club, Eakmai, Bangkok, Thailand

Indian food at Spicy by Nature, Eakmai, Bangkok, Thailand

鈽 Macchiato Long at Coffee Club, Eakmai, Bangkok

Nokia 1 update doesn't satisfy me now. 馃槓

Nokia 1 update satisfies me. 馃榾

Cheese Burst from Domino's Pizza. It isn't for me. I don't like it. 馃槶

Netflix has so many Hindi films. So I will learn it while Indonesian isn't yet ready. 馃槢

is among top power consumers, although it ran only in background. 馃槗

This is why I don't wear Casio F-91W now.

I still post my photos to Flickr because people can search and filter only photos with CC licenses.

When I bought my first camera, I hope one day my photo will be used in Wikipedia.

A few minutes ago, I just found that I achieved my goal already. But I didn't aware of it. 馃槄

However, I want my photos about my local, not a phone, to be in Wikipedia. 馃槢

My girl friend said that I work on colorful thing.

This one tastes much better than its look.

It doesn't just look bad. It tastes bad too. 馃槄