was able to place an analog clock widget on a second screen (window, desktop) that can be swiped to

the clock is already gone from the notification bar through some android magic

switching to the twenty-four hour format does actually help a little on the lock screen

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still hope someone is at very least alive... actually

ignore post times... not paying any attention to them either

new shade of yellow-brown dripping out of my nose

not exactly my biggest worry but it is true nonetheless

seriously... zero input from post times would be much appreciated

taking things extremely serious unfortunately... because things are extremely serious unfortunately

surely nobody is subverting the (nearly) absolute reference that humanity relies on for coordinating activity (as well as communicating ideas)

some other stuff too

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possibly systemic... although mass consensus seems to me to generally be the larger issue

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it's really difficult... if not impossible to do anything genuine with as many people and apparatuses as are exercising effort toward manipulating my behavior (sadly not tin foil hat yelling at the wind)

then there's the mass consensus of generally ignoring and deliberately distorting and obscuring law

more importantly to me is what seems like disrespect toward (potentially inflicted) suffering of another human being

am personally taking that very seriously along with my own troubles (sorry)

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to be clear... yes... a potential lack of humanity regarding at very least me, and potentially someone else (others) has me both very disturbed and very concerned

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it is genuinely difficult to say anything other than the word 'upset'...

will try later though after possibly eliminating some more concerns which frees me to think about something

do not put words in my mouth and do not read things that are not being said by me... please

or at very least convert it to an analog clock

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have not found a way to entirely get rid of the clock on my phone (still on the lock screen)

suggestions welcome

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still glad someone got me typing out my thoughts (obviously not here) to the person who genuinely concerns me most (even though there is basically no hint of any actual response ever)...

implications about my work ethic, lack of social skills, inability to navigate socially, and potential lack of empathy be damned

until something kills me... it genuinely helps me

abusing fundamental reference humans rely on for much of their activity seems like a pretty friendly way to communicate

still sick

still worried about the same things with one thing in particular basically torturing me

no meaning is intended by me in post dates and times... likely posts as well

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still sick

wish there was someone to share what is going on in seattle with (literally only one person worth it to me)

it might not be vincent price quality... but it is up there in my book

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still sick

having an absolute reference to coordinate everything with everyone else on the planet (including seattle) would sure be nice

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am sick

still trying to figure out to get someone on a plane or vice versa basically (oddly familiar)

post times... eat shit

just trying to reach out and share some of my thoughts with someone even if there is utterly no hope and they completely ignore me is actually something that has been helping me a lot

still doesn't help with what the real problem for me, but the hope that someone helps, or she somehow hears actually helps me a lot

glad someone got me started doing it on a regular basis even if it was sort of a shitty start

fuck you clock

can't really describe what it is like being deliberately tortured and thinking about that person

thinking about her is worse


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