So much this.

RT But Apollo wasn’t sustainable. Let’s do it differently so we don’t have another 50 year gap.


I interviewed renowned astronomer Shrinivas Kulkarni of whose novel idea of automating a series of telescopes led to the discovery of thousands of exploding stars.

Read his intriguing responses here -

Watch the view from a spacecraft about to crash on the Moon! 💥🌖
I compiled this video from images captured by NASA's Ranger spacecraft as it took the fall so that Apollo could land safely!

Story on my blog at

Working on a cool space project (launching soon! 🚀) and noticed that's file manager puts checkered backgrounds on transparent rocket images automatically! Nice touch.

1. I like how he doesn't change anything about Earth itself.
2. "Jaturn" is so eerily close to my name "Jatan" I can't unsee it now. 😂


Solar System Changes


The first time NASA figured out the Moon has craters all the way down was by smashing a craft onto the Moon!

My latest blog:

Google Drive should have an option to directly transfer a video file to YouTube. Would save twice the bandwidth in trying to download and upload the file again, especially when someone has shared one with you.

Courage seems like a fine successor to Curiosity.
Would also be a more positive spin on the word after memefication of Apple's "Courage"


Here are the nine finalists for the Mars 2020 rover name contest:


Less than a week to vote!


Here's a Nobel laureate coming out with honesty and a sense of humor on why he left Physics to pursue Biology.
Delightful talk yesterday.

Hello , I have a favorite new font called "Permanent Marker". Looks so dope.

Get it here -

Quite an insightful conversation between and on the pain of covering ISRO space exploration activites. Very resonating with my limited coverage experience as well.

Listen to the podcast here:

Working on a fun project with
Launching soon on a device near you!

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