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summer has come and gone and I have done absolutely nothing I wanted to do. Not for lack of trying though.

it's monday, you're tired and depressed but the amen break drops

From what I get they're retooled Alpacas with recolored stem and housing? I fully recommend them if you're looking to type in cotton candy with some character on bottom out

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been rocking some lubed Mauve Linear switches for the past few days and they are: amazing. Such smoothness, much clack, wow

(heh no worries, I got two amazing sets coming in)

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(it's a genuine Milkshake set, I thought it was a fake but it turns out it's an official)

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just realized I gave away my best keycap set and that's why my keyboards feel wrong

(it's not why, but you gotta convince yourself)

I tried to shitpost on tiktok but I'm definitely out of touch with gen z

Reproductive organs and video games 

you might not like The Outer Worlds as a game, but if we're going all in on a character customizer for a character you'll never see, I much prefer their approach to the LOL EDGY MEMES version of Cyberpunk.

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Reproductive organs and video games 

talking about character customization and sharing some stuff about The Outer Worlds v Cyberpunk

medical, financials, karma? 

It definitely feels like it wasn't worth working so much. I had plans for the future for months. All gone in the last few weeks.

I don't know what I did wrong. I'm pissed at myself because of it.

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medical, financials, karma? 

would very like shit to stop falling apart all around me.

I'm not in the red, but with all that's happened on my health side, I lost A LOT of money. Why? Because even though all of my medical was good, the entirety of my life wasn't. My old landowners basically murdered me with a smile, I'm financially supporting two people at the same time and I need some non reimbursed medical attention.

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For non-Black people about racism 

If you have a hard time identifying things as racist because they don't involve the use of racial slurs you need to take several steps back and stop talking while you work on learning some stuff.

Racism, particularly anti-Black racism is rampant and pervasive. One of the major ways this manifests is in white moderates who distance themselves from racism by identifying only the most extreme actions and beliefs as racism

Hot take: backroom and SCP stuff is really boring now, we've managed to make meta stuff unscary

I miss the time we spent together, those were the best days of my life

Also, yeah, great, "this dude is 10 times more effective than you" is an excellent pathway to get managers to overwork their team.

Because one can do it doesn't mean everyone can be a 10x. But middle management is in general too braindead to understand that. It's meritocracy all over again.

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Being a 10x dev seems cool, until the burnout hits you

Twice, because you don't seem to get it

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