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Hi I'm a NB french /prog rock maker scum and an independent
I specialize on low level 3d things like rendering and multithreading, but also a lot of

My portfolio:
My music:

something something freedom thunder of applause

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>RSI be thinking they're making Flight Sim in space in 10 years
>Flight Sim 2020 team actually releases in less than 7 years and is good
>Flight Sim runs better than SC
>Flight Sim is funnier than SC
>Flight Sim had a lower budget than SC
>Flight Sim is a fucking tool/simulation for aviation aficionados and is funnier than a "game" about being a space traveler

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list of stupid game design decisions:
- the interaction mode, stupidest fucking UX ever
- I like waiting for 2 hours for quantum jumps to finish
- oh look you can use your webcam to show animations on your avatar's head but the movement system is still bad hasn't changed in 10 years
- FPS? Not focused, badly slapped on and boring
- we're not even a metaverse and we're selling digital goods for your mortgage

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Let's be real for a moment, 10 years and $300m+ is NOT a good look when you consider the state Star Citizen is in.

I tried it last night after a few years of giving up on giving RSI my trust. It's not a game. It's not a simulator. It's a hassle production chain with some fun minigames in the middle. This game is the fucking death of game design.

And people gave it $300m+ because spaaaaaaacceeee. Fucking hell, Eve is older, looks better (sorry not sorry) and is free at least

you know this feeling when everything is about to come crashing down?

mental health 

I feel like absolute shit today

Fight the Fade has continually released a new generation of nu metal that speaks to my soul. It's Linkin Park all over again, they see through me

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and since it's not rooting, banking apps and other "secure" apps still work, which means you can actually use your device this way.

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I took the decision to switch my Pixel 6 to GrapheneOS and surprisingly (no), my battery now holds a charge. If you're kind of an information control freak on your devices and have a modern android, I recommend it. It's not like rooting your device and the impact is massive on my side:
- more battery
- less UI lag
- remove all those fucking google services you don't use

did you know? Madagascar literally means "Land of the ancestors". Never forget those who came before you. For the good they've done. But mostly for the bad they've done.

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there's really not much literature on the subject except this old article in french from 1975
but ultimately, in my culture we believe that:
- the spirit and the body are two separate entities that form a single one
- sleep is the domain of spirits and allows you to talk with people you love
- (CW Death) this is why Malagasy have a second burial called famadihana, which is meant to recall the ambiroa, the spirit of the deceased, to never forget your ancestors

wasn't expecting to talk about Malagasy spiritual doubles today but here we are

What would you have done in my place back then? Would you have run just like me or face the fire to try and tame it?

I'm just full of regret

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