You don't need to be an economist to see why the middle class is shrinking. Visit a drug store. The equity of the nation is being dumped into plastic garbage and candy bars. Our gods come in orange vials and are handed out in white paper bags.

By inhibiting beak DNA, scientists made chicken embryos with dinosaur snouts.

In other words, DNA is like a codebase where version control is done by writing new functions with same name as the old, and then counting on loading order.

my dream video game

GTA: Vice President

where u play as mike pence cleaning all the scum offa these streets with righteous evangelical zeal

you carry out tasks for the don in order to curry favour but gradually your extreme religious principles come into conflict with the don's rule of sin and iniquity

in the final mission you find out that the don is doing a deal with the gay furry communist mafia and u have to decide whether to follow your orders.. or your conscience

*cue toto's africa*

Mastodon Bechdel test: Does your instance have:
- A non-bot talking to
- Another human about
- Something other than Mastodon?

What does it say about America... 

That the thing that has mainstreamed its controversial President the most is an attack on a Middle Eastern country.

The ultimate irony will be if he manages to turn foreign military action into enough domestic support for his budget, which will hurt thousands of American "tiny little babies".

Research suggests antibiotic use in early life has lasting effects on gut flora and induces anxiety disorders and aggression in mice.

so mastodon is exactly like if eve online corporations were tumblrs, got it [all the witches hex me at once and i spontaneously combust]

Just realized that all but one of the tv shows my daughter loves are non-American. The difference in pace and tone between those and the American shows we've tried is really remarkable.

American kids media is often accused of being hyperactive, but you can't really appreciate the difference until you see what else is out there. These are slow paced, quieter...gentle is the best word I can find.

I love Obama, but really, why didn't we act last time? I wasn't paying attention back then, and now it seems like the rise of right nationalism in the West can be blamed on not deposing Assad. What kills the least people? And what is life like if the regime stays the same?

Is it better to back the rebels who are actually asking for democracy (unlike Iraq) or to just let Syria go? Seriously. I'm so torn on this. There are so many levels to this. The Egyptian revolution was a technical win for the rebels but we all know how that turned out.

is it true that mastodon is actually a psyop created by hover and namecheap to spur people into paying crazy prices for hip domain names such as "balls.hypno.gongle.sigil", "godzone.fuck" and ""

An interesting thing about healthier Twitter alternatives is that it begs the question, how much health were we going to Twitter for versus how much were we servicing an addiction to the that lets us maintain and filter our own connections ...makes me take a hard look at myself and what I've "wanted" from social media since...2011 or so

(Also is it just me or is "coder" possibly the worst word for "software engineer"?)

Reminder that according to Mastodon Socials ToS the only thing anyone "HAS TO" cw or mark as sensitive is overtly sexual content.
Just because you can't handle something doesn't mean it's "simple" or "common courtesy" for someone else to recognize.
Example: someone who follows politics is not going to see it as something to hide.
It is not other people's job to curate to your brain.

I highly recommend you do not click Read More. 

~An evil snake has been encountered!~
To kill snake, BOOST within 42 seconds. If snake is not kill, your friends will never like you again!

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