i always welcome music suggestions btw especially singular songs

@diphiss the ephemeral quality of "powerful" stuff like powerful vocals or battery etc. genre wise, metal, disco, pop, anything really

@toilet exaclty, or a cigarette in the morning - to ensure that no trace of yesterday remains in your body

@matt not bad, not my cup of tea personally but i could listen to it

@toilet are you serious or was this in response to someone being annoying

@kioskwitch im serious! wonder if theres a better way to get that across

@kioskwitch pretty interesting, i liked the let's eat grandma song the most out of those. ty

@toilet saw them live a few days ago and they played it, it was fantastic

@Pawdraig lol yeah, noticed you reading my toots earlier

but seriously nice song

@toilet what it is by the growlers is one of my favourite tunes

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