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my Styles:
-world's coolest twink
-idk, some kind of girl please. please

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send me images like this

unicorns secondary, wizards MANDATORY

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you can boost any of my posts btw unless otherwise stated

dont boost this one tho i only posted it so i can pin it

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i always welcome music suggestions btw especially singular songs

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@toilet @pbandkate nothing escapes the totalizing influence of capitalism

ok everyon shut thebfuck up heres a pic of my cat in a wizard hat

anyone know if theres a tool to transfer lists across accounts?

seriously stop using abbreviations in content warnings, u don't have to feel bad about it just stop doing it

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it is recommended you trust in your javascript blocker. there's no javascript on the site but you must trust me fully.

why are cats obsessed with the forbidden drink

and we all shite in the night
for the peecrets of the sacristy
fight, poo, survive
in the faaaaaaart

hmmmmm......... a shitposting instance going to shit because of the admin..... never seen that happen before..................................................

you are not allowed to ask me to clarify unless you have spent at least a few minutes doing lyrical analysis of my words and sentences

i love weird sounds in my music like distortion or nasally voices or kind of off key singing

is there a term for when you cycle through every available human expression in surprise

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