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EV Firm Develops 'World's First' Mass-Produced Cobalt-Free Battery

New Physics Experiment Indicates There's No Objective Reality

something is or isn't the case, consider an argument from quantum physics: they're both wrong, and so are you, because even the simple fact of the disagreement itself is just another illusion.

“Hoe moet je leven? Simpel, zegt Aristoteles. Je leert het goede te doen door het goede te doen. ”

Taliban inherit untapped $1tr trove of

huge veins of iron, copper, gold, coal, and rare earths, are enough to turn the impoverished nation into one of the world’s leading mineral centers


agency advises against using search & browsing history for scores

at least the EU, is not ready for the future the is apparently happy to embrace on behalf of its sector members.

“The Hamburg DPA says using Zoom “violates the GDPR” because it “involves the transfer of personal data to the USA” without “sufficient protection for such data in this third country.””

Packs 50 Billion Transistors Onto Dojo Chip Designed to Conquer Training

Called the D1, the chip resembles a part of the Dojo supercomputer used to train models inside Tesla HQ

Focus - Will France repatriate its collection of 19th century Algerian skulls?

a little-known chapter of the French conquest of Algeria: the Algerian fighters shot and beheaded in the mid-19th century for resisting French colonialism.

Global Cryptocurrency Adoption Jumps 881% Led by Asian Countries, Index Shows – Featured Bitcoin News

Electric Vehicle Prices Continue to Drop in China as Europe Sees 28% Rise - Pandaily

domestic models selling at prices as low as 3,700 euros. In sharp contrast, consumers in Europe and the US have to spend at least 15,470 euros

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