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“Identity in a Digital World: A new chapter in the social contract”

we are still learning what “identity in a digital world”means. We are also still evolving policies and practices on how best to collect, process or use identity-related data.

DNA nanostructures suit up for future missions

Beating cancer and other diseases does not only depend on getting hold of the right drugs—it's also about getting them to the right places in the body, while keeping damage to healthy tissues at a minimum.

Directing nanoparticles straight to tumors

Modern anticancer therapies aim to attack tumor cells while sparing healthy tissue. the scientists have produced tiny nanoparticles that are designed to specifically target cancer cells.

US tries to counter China’s influence in Africa. Is it too little, too late?

Hybride energiepark combineert windmolens, zonnepanelen en energieopslag -

Het energiepark krijgt een plek bij Haringvliet op het Zuid-Hollandse Goeree-Overflakkee.

MIT algorithm discovers antibiotic that can fight drug-resistant diseases

A deep learning algorithm developed at MIT has discovered new antibiotics that can treat drug-resistant diseases by killing 35 powerful bacteria.

Earliest interbreeding event between ancient human populations discovered

the earliest known interbreeding event between ancient human populationsa in Eurasia interbred with a Neanderthal-Denisovan ancestor about 700,000 years ago.

Bleak picture of children robbed of potential - World -

The report, published globally last week, found no single country is adequately protecting children's health, their environment and their futures.

BLACKPINK's 'Boombayah' tops 800m YouTube views

the debut single of K-pop girl band BLACKPINK, topped 800 million views on YouTube, making the quartet the only K-pop act with two music videos that have achieved the feat

China needs help, not criticism, from a world in economic hot water

Asia contributed 70 per cent of global growth in 2019, of which China alone accounted for 41 per cent. This puts the US and Europe (at around 10 per cent each) in the shade.

Countries With Free College 2020

there are countries where there is no cost for attending college. Residents of these nations can receive their education for free. In fact, residents have studied abroad in order to take advantage of these opportunities.

Education By Country 2020

Developed countries around the world have well-developed educational systems and opportunities for higher education, which helps the citizens of that country obtain higher paying jobs and a better quality of life.

Countries by IQ - Average IQ by Country 2020
Singapore 108
Hong Kong 108
South Korea 106
Japan 105
China 105
Taiwan 104
Italy 102
Switzerland 101
Mongolia 101
Iceland 101
United Kingdom 100
Norway 100
Netherlands 100

Scientists create supersensitive nanomaterials for DNA diagnostics and targeted drug delivery

China bars three Wall Street Journal reporters as media becomes battleground

Huawei will release more phones without Google in Europe and beyond

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