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“Identity in a Digital World: A new chapter in the social contract”

we are still learning what “identity in a digital world”means. We are also still evolving policies and practices on how best to collect, process or use identity-related data.

ESP32 Makes Great MPPT Controller In Low-Cost Solar Installation

Solar power projects have become, in general, a matter of selecting components like panels and batteries, hooking them together with industry-standard connectors, and sitting back to watch the free…

'I have a job but I'm homeless' – the working poor who can't afford to rent -

SiCK Mechanical Keyboard Is 3D Printed

We’ve noticed a rash of builds of [ FedorSosnin’s] do-it-yourself 3D-printed mechanical keyboard, SiCK-68 lately. The cost is pretty low — SiCK stands for Super, Inexpensive, Chea…

Network Booting The Pi 4

We’ve talked about PXE booting the Raspberry Pi 3B+, and then looked at the Raspberry Pi 4 as a desktop replacement. But there’s more! The Pi 4 sports a very useful new feature, the fla…

Wajik - Indonesische Kleefrijstsnack met Javaanse Suiker

Dit is wajik en is een superlekkere zoete kleefrijstsnack gemaakt met kokosmelk en Javaanse suiker. Wajik is heel voedzaam en van een of twee stukjes ben je al snel tevreden. Ik vind het daarom de perfecte snack voor tijdens of na een wandeling. Bij thuiskomst; een pot hete thee met een plakkerige wajik. Jammie.

Bastiaans, Carol Wilhelm

Born in Semarang dec 26 1915. ML-KNIL aircraft engineer with 4th aircraft group (VLG IV) at Andir. Japanese captivity from 5-4-'42.

After sep 21 '45 to Manilla, Bundaberg Australia (NEI-PEP), Java (121sqn), Medan Sumatra (122sqn)

The crew of 122 Squadron
Updated the database with some 30+ crewmembers of the squadron to 57

This is a -KNIL squadron equipped with P-51 Mustang fighter-bombers. It plays a not unimportant part in Dutch in the former Netherlands East Indies

mijn familie na 8 jaar oorlog ook behoorlijk uit naar holland gekomen in '50. Vooral de he. Het is een dat er niet meer vielen.

Weather Station Gets Much-Needed Upgrades

Weather stations are a popular project, partly because it’s helpful (and interesting) to know about the weather at your exact location rather than a forecast that might be vaguely in your zip code.

“There was also an L-212 active on 11VB with registration L-205.

This military version belonged to LuCoSu ('Aviation Command Sumatra), the umbrella organization for all squadrons based on Sumatra. It was used as a staff aircraft.”

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