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Rare names and portraits of the crew of 122(NEI)Squadron, Sumatra Medan [en]
40 crew now have a face and a name [1]. And I’m very happy to present them to you. They can’t be forgotten now.


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“Identity in a Digital World: A new chapter in the social contract”

we are still learning what “identity in a digital world”means. We are also still evolving policies and practices on how best to collect, process or use identity-related data.

“Eyeing China, Pentagon plans larger, ‘more lethal’ navy.
Boost to arsenal includes autonomous vessels, submarines and aircraft, and will add tens of billions of dollars to US Navy budget between now and 2045”

Will they add $10b to debt?
[ ] lol
[ ] no

“Historians and foreign policy experts are often bad forecasters,” seasoned political experts had trouble outperforming “dart-tossing chimpanzees” – random guesses – when it came to predicting global events. Overconfidence was the norm, not the exception.”

American study finds signs of coronavirus in US before China outbreak |

The US has added to research from Italy and France that indicates the coronavirus might have been circulating among people in a number of countries.

Xinjiang offers real-site photos to debunk satellite images ‘evidence’ of ‘detention centers’ - Global Times

Locations "concentration camps" by some media and an Aus institute were found to be admin buildings, nursing homes, logistics centers or schools

Chinese man skateboarding in traditional clothes becomes internet star -

A 23-year-old man from China’s Jiangsu province has become an internet star: skateboarding in different costumes, including traditional hanfu, a military uniform and an opera outfit.

Women in Robotics Update: Elizabeth Croft, Helen Greiner, Heather Knight | Robohub

“Girls are natural engineers, highly capable in maths and physics. We need to show them that these tools can be used to design a better world.

De „Manoora" is naar Ned.-Indië vertrokken met 200 man NL troepen, Australische oorlogs-bruidjes van in Australië vertoefd hebbende NL, burger-evacué’s en manschappen van de Nederlandsch-Indische militaire luchtvaart aan boord, seint Aneta uit Brisbane'.”

“De "geruisloze integratie" van de Indische gemeenschap is een mythe: het is door schuld, hardvochtige regelgeving en achterstelling afgedwongen terwijl de opvang in gewoon doorgegaan is.”

Nasi Goerih - Rijst met Santen -

bestaan allerlei soorten rijst, zoals deze overheerlijke nasi goerih. Op smaak gebracht met santen, salamblad en zout. Maar je kent vast ook nasi kuning (gele rijst), nasi keboeli of nasi goreng.

Elon Musk’ Starlink to Deliver Relatively Inexpensive Satellite Internet

SpaceX already has permission to put up to 12,000 satellites in orbit and has requested approval to increase that number to 30,000.

Natalia Calvo’s talk on 13 November – How children build a trust model of a social robot in the first encounter

Talking Robotics is a series of virtual seminars about Robotics and its interaction with other relevant fields, such as Artificial Intelligence

New Law: Clients Must Explain Why They Want To Buy | Bitcoin News

A bit stupid. Nobody will buy at dutch exchanges anymore, but elsewere.

Next we will have to explain why we want a bankaccount ..

Tante Tien, klein en tenger, maar zeer kordaat gaat met mijn 11-jarige moeder nog kijken in het huis aan de Hospitaalweg. Niet zonder gevaar, maar ze wil spullen halen, waaronder het lievelingspopje van mijn moeder. Het huis is echter leeggeroofd

“The Netherlands is growing 22% pj. positive net migration of 16,000 pj and the fertility rate is at 1.66 births per woman, below the population replacement rate of 2.1 births. Given this, the population growth is heavily driven by immigration. ”

Sector by sector: where do global greenhouse gas emissions come from?

Energy (electricity, heat and transport): 73.2%:
- Transport: 16.2% (nb. Aviation (1.9%))

Direct Industrial Processes: 5.2%
Waste: 3.2%
Agriculture, Forestry and Land Use: 18.4%

Blackpink’s Lisa models Celine for ELLE China December cover - Global Times

Magazine Elle China revealed in a video teaser that Lisa, a member of the popular South Korean girl band Blackpink, will grace the cover of its December issue.

D66 is (ook) weer of nog totaal de weg kwijt -
volgens NRC in een warrig stukje

„de oude grootmacht Amerika” verzwakt is door de coronauitbraak en verdeeldheid. Het wordt volgens hen tijd de Chinese invloed „de aandacht te geven die het verdient”

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