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Rare names and portraits of the crew of 122(NEI)Squadron, Sumatra Medan [en]
40 crew now have a face and a name [1]. And I’m very happy to present them to you. They can’t be forgotten now.


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“Identity in a Digital World: A new chapter in the social contract”

we are still learning what “identity in a digital world”means. We are also still evolving policies and practices on how best to collect, process or use identity-related data.

“Nederland in 2030 ruim 20 Petajoule zonnestroom kan produceren op 35 vierkante kilometer agrarische grond. Dit betekent dat er in 2030 0,2 procent van het totaal benodigd is voor grondgebonden zonneparken (Het totaal is 20.350 vierkante kilometer).”

DIY CO2 Monitoring as a COVID-19 Safety Measure

One way to have a better idea of the safety of any space is to test the air quality; testing CO2 levels indicates how stale or “fresh” the air is, and therefore you might be breathing in hazardous particles

““Dat is politiek, Willem. Politiek is het reguleren van wantrouwen en paranoia.” ”

Three Kingdoms

An epic saga that spans over 4 decades.
Brilliant acting, great storytelling. Intriguing characters. A perfect mix between action (battles) and drama in the political scenes.

Bring time , 95 episodes are a lot. It's worth it, believe me.

The way schools teach and students learn has not changed much since the broad introduction of formal schooling in the late 1800s, despite the fact that most developed countries spend around 5-6% of their GDP on education.”

“As an alternative, we should allow ourselves to be bored or alone, or to indulge in simpler and more natural activities, thus dealing with compulsive behaviors that could, contrary to what we think, be making us unhappy.”

“ Westerners possess a weird psychology, 'strange' in English, different from the rest, that makes them the weirdest people in the world, not the best.”

Median price per dose for existing vaccines and for leading COVID-19 vaccine candidates by procurement or country income group

Challenges in ensuring global access to COVID-19 vaccines: production, affordability, allocation, and deployment

Project Nederland - Van feitelijke naar gewenste nationale identiteit

Cruciaal hierbij is echter dat in het debat de aandacht wordt verlegd van de feitelijke naar de gewenste identiteit van ons land. De vraag ‘wie we willen zijn’ moet centraal staan.

How Business Intelligence Creates Collaboration in the Workforce - Dataconomy

Today, businesses are dependent on data to make important decisions. today, anyone who needs to make a decision needs to have access to the same data to collaborate with team

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