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Horrible hecho ocurrido a tempranas horas del día, y horrible también cómo la prensa se aprovecha de cualquier cosa para intentar limpiar la imágen de una porquería de institución.

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Chile's Failed Economic Laboratory[2003]

best part
>If you’re talking about Chicago-style free-market economics, it only can work at gunpoint, by taking total control of the educational system. The doctrine is so narrow-minded that once you permit a non-autistic economic curriculum based on empirical experience and actual history, you are not going to have students accepting the self-destructive financial doctrines of the Chicago Boys. Free enterprise of the type that replaces government planning with that of large global financial institutions requires totalitarian governments to enforce. That’s what Harberger and Pinochet recognized when they closed down the economics departments at every university in Chile except for their bastion at the Catholic University. They drove non-monetarists into exile or arrested or “disappeared” them. This is why Chicago-style anti-government doctrine represents today’s new road to serfdom.
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