Chile's Failed Economic Laboratory[2003]

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>If you’re talking about Chicago-style free-market economics, it only can work at gunpoint, by taking total control of the educational system. The doctrine is so narrow-minded that once you permit a non-autistic economic curriculum based on empirical experience and actual history, you are not going to have students accepting the self-destructive financial doctrines of the Chicago Boys. Free enterprise of the type that replaces government planning with that of large global financial institutions requires totalitarian governments to enforce. That’s what Harberger and Pinochet recognized when they closed down the economics departments at every university in Chile except for their bastion at the Catholic University. They drove non-monetarists into exile or arrested or “disappeared” them. This is why Chicago-style anti-government doctrine represents today’s new road to serfdom.
>China is following the same policy strategy that once made the United States rich back in the 19th century. China is a mixed economy. That’s logical. Every successful state economy has centralist points – be it in state-subsidized infrastructure or in the public sector. The key to China’s success can be found in the fact that the financial system is controlled by the central government (in Beijing, editor’s note). So, if China’s central bank lends money to a Chinese company that is insolvent, the Chinese central bank can decide: “We’ll just settle the debt like that.” China will then prevent this ramshackle company from being hit by US financial interests or “locusts.” So those Chinese companies cannot be bought.

China is independent from the United States and the dollar. The country uses its foreign trade surplus through exports to push its own development, rather than indirectly subsidizing the US economy. Of course, that upsets the politicians in Washington. So the US has responded: “Let’s try and slow down the Chinese economy as best we can.” (trade sanctions, editor’s note)

But China – and also Russia – remain cool and steadfast. They are more or less returning to the time before 1971, at the time of the Vietnam War and before that. The goal of the two governments: A return to the old gold standard. If such would be actually introduced, the United States would be finished in no time. Especially the US military empire. Of course, Russia and China are looking for alternatives to the dollar as a worldwide means of payment.

El 14 de noviembre del 2018 un grupo táctico de carabineros de #Chile asesinó al comunero mapuche Camilo Catrillanca 

La víctima era un líder social de su comunidad y fue también líder estudiantil

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