ATTN followers:

I've signed up with my same handle @thomson over at and I will be adding all of you again via that instance. Feel free to follow me back (or not, but I hope you do!). Thanks!

i just need a girl who gon really undastand.

log in for first time in a couple days and greeted with 500 internal server error. thanks

sippin on some costco bottled water like a muthafuckin g.

what if me being on mastodon has just been a long con to get you all to follow me on twitter?

im gettin hotter cuz the world's gettin colder

Email newsletters from trusted news sources are a good alternative to having to constantly check a social media feed.

For example, I subscribe to daily morning/evening briefings from the NYT, and a weekly "must read" from the WaPo.

Checks local timeline: mostly french.

Checks fed timeline: mostly japanese and french.

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