"We've all been acclimated to a devastating bear market, to the point of convincing ourselves that DeFi is already in an unsustainable bubble when the bubble hasn't even started yet. Pretty nuts."

If you're a DeFi hater, why even are you into crypto? 😂

The halvening is a non-event 🤷‍♂️

🍻 That's what I would call a successful large scale stock price manipulation...
😂 Plebs begging for the suppression of freedom. At least now we know how easy it has been for Hitler to turn a whole country into nazism.

"Both bears and bulls will fall for the free meal trap."
There is no free meal in trading. 😲

Poloniex, after dropping its service to US customers, has now freed the rest of us of the burden of KYC!
Nice move poloniex 👍

BTC/USD Triangle broke down, and price vainly trying to regain the daily 200MA 😱 📉
Say hi to 🐻 bears 🐻

New category "Articles" on TTD!
Enjoy our first masterpiece: "The bad VS the good trader"

My lines cross at the end of September and end of October.
Dull markets will teach you patience. 🕟
If there is no clear long or short opportunities, you better stay out of the market.

Maybe it's time to play with options?

We are all, I hope, laughing at this mega bear trend on 🤣
Be careful not to buy too soon tho: the safest thing to do is to wait for signs of reversal 📉

Shakeout or new bear market?
Next day's candle will certainly tell us.
Be ready for anything!

New chapters available on The Trading Dojo! 💐
🚀 Leverage and Risk Management 🥁
New comments sections on every pages!
More to come soon 😎

"Leverage" and "Risk management" chapters coming very soon! 😻

Keep in mind: shorting in a bull-market can be dangerous! ⚠️ ⚠️ ⚠️

Are coming back?
Here is a historical comparison of (in blue) versus

😲 Binance hacked: 7000BTC missing 😅 Users funds aren't mean to be affected. However you should update your 2-FA and API keys.


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