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หัดมองด้านดีบ้าง แบบนี้มีคนหนุนหลังแน่เลย :P

OTF is now the default format for Fonts-TLWG, as its quality has been superior for a long time.

เจาะลึก MV "ประเทศกูมี" ใช้ฉาก 6 ตุลา

Smokers are being urged to consider whether it's really such a big effort to dispose of cigarrette butts responsibly.

กำลังรู้สึกคล้าย ๆ กันกับฟอนต์ Tahoma

For further step, I wonder if it's possible for Fontforge to exclude glyphs without removing while generating font, to avoid modification timestamp.

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As a response to G+ shutdown plan (I guess), somebody scanned by G+ profile and made massive +1's.


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