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I don't like the naming convention for the Xbox One X. No one does. But it seems like they missed a huge opportunity to roll with the Elite branding as they have in the past.

If they had used that name and packed in the Elite controller, that's an immediate $150 value over the Xbox One S model with its standard controller.

Then the upcharge to 4k and all the extra power that comes with it is only $50 more expensive than the S and buying that controller separately. That's a much easier sell.

Mom was in town for a long weekend and I'm still trying to recover. My sleep schedule is way off and my body is reeling from not having a full day of sleep somepoint in the weekend.

Skype's redesign looks like a company desperately trying to regain their foothold by stealing from popular apps (eg: Instagram, Spotifty, Snapchat).

I get the inclination to steal from a more popular service, but people use Skype in a very different way. It's not for quick snaps or posting curated memories. It's not for music or communicating with a wide audience.

It's for podcasters, job interviews, staying in touch over long distances... how does this update help any of those aspects?

If ya'll aren't watching Polygon's "Please Retweet" series then I don't know what the fuck you're doing with your so-called life.

Maybe its not how most designers want to work, but I’d rather talk to clients myself instead of getting wrong information from an account manager indirectly.

Clients already don’t know what they want most of the time. When you add in the opinions of non-creatives who are more concerned about time/budget than finding the right solution, its a recipe for failure.

If you're an account manager somewhere, please learn what your creative team does and involve them in your process.

I think I need to take a real vacation. I haven't done that before and I'm turning 32 this year... That's probably not a trend I should continue forever.

I had such a good handle on my scrum list for work... and then everything came crashing down when multiple clients wanted rush work done by end of day... and I'm the only web designer here...

Here's to the start of a new week. May it be quick and painless, and the long weekend that awaits us on the other end be fun and restful.

I need all of that to come true, or else I might have a breakdown lol.

I just watched that Roger Stone documentary on Netflix and am majorly bummed out now. Way to ruin my own Friday night, eh?

I'm so glad this week is basically over with. I spent the past two days as the only digital designer at the agency, and it wasn't bad but it also wasn't great.

Next week I'm solo again. Gonna enjoy the hell out of this weekend.

Anytime I restart my MacBook with headphones plugged in, I have to unplug and replug them to get sound coming through again.

This happen to anyone else? Or am I the only person in the world to not unplug shit when they restart?

Awww hell yes! You guys!!! We could be cool and wearing rompers like all these choice dudes on kickstarter!

I love when my coworkers bring their untrainable dogs into work so they can bark and whine all day while they run between meetings.

Anyone who has complained about wanting a new Parappa game needs to help back this or shut-up forever ::

I can't stop watching the new PSY videos for "I Luv It" and "New Face"... no one makes fun music/video combos quite like him.

It's pure joy in music video form.

Another newish person at work possibly vanished. Was walking around the office to get away from some banner ads I'm struggling with and their desk is just totally stripped bare.

Don't know if I should ask if they moved desks or were let go... But I wanna know...

It's the dude I tooted about last week that says "party" instead of cool/awesome/hi/bye.

I'm eyeing Spectacles again. If they had a white version of the frames with pink lenses I would have dropped money on them by now.

As it is I just keep trying to decide on colors, looking at myself in the filter, and always end up waiting bc I can't decide on which to get.

Aw shit new PSY album dropped today! I know what I'm gonna be listening to the rest of this week.

So fucking tired. But also wanna stay up and play games until I can't stay conscious.

Do you own an Amazon Echo device? If so, do you recommend it?

What do you use it for? Is it something you use daily or weekly or just once in a while? I don't know a single person with one of these things IRL but I want one maybe.

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