I firmly believe @Mastodon Instances need to be called Herds instead.

Hear me out.

It makes the concept of an instance as a community easier to understand, which makes it way more natural to extend the idea to Home/Local/Federation as “Home”, “Herd”, and “United Federation of Herds”.

@joshuanozzi @Mastodon I also like that it’s only one letter away from “nerds” which seems right and sensible.

@joshuanozzi @Mastodon Also, “join the herd” is a pretty cool tag.

@tewha @Mastodon Forgive me, but let’s just say it: Mastodon is by developers ... and unintentionally for developers. It’s clear from the inconsistent conventions between posts being called toots while communities are called Instances and Local. This ... a whopping oversight to me when I turn my attention toward “how can we make this great thing take off” because I see ACTUAL DEVELOPERS struggle to wrap their heads around it. Like me. 😋

@tewha @Mastodon Technical people who manage instances of things still only naturally “get” what an instance is, but a lot of people see Mastodon through clients that still “think like” Twitter clients.

@tewha @Mastodon But really, how many people know what an “Instance” is, much less how it related to the concept of Local vs. Home and Federation. Tell a story a la Ice Age. It’s easy, makes perfect sense, and frees developers/UI designers from concepts that are holding us back in terms of client design.

@tewha @Mastodon Also ... United Federation of Herds, goddammit! Did I mumble? No? Then why is this not NOW a thing? 😋

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