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Better late than never? I'm a software developer who's interested in many different things, only some of which I want to try one day. I live outside of Vancouver, BC.

I like photography, and my son and I are taking ukulele lessons together.

My Seagate FireCuda just crashed. Not even seen by computer now.

Not sure it's worth using the warranty. 2TB drives are less than $100 now.

I bought it in January 2017.

@pcperini If you don't mind me asking, what are you using for image picking/cropping in Tusk?

Is it something new in the OS? Because if it's a third party component it's REALLY convincing.

It’s OK. I don’t really need 1. I can use 5-4 everywhere.

Also, thanks for turning pn capslock a split second after I took this you little fucker.

Did you know that cats are essentially the opposite of CSS? They self-center within any container.

@tuskapp In particular, I like how the tabs are actually all tabs, and the New Post button is up at the top. AS IT SHOULD BE.

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I think my favourite part of @tuskapp is how very platform standard it seems. It doesn't seem to be trying to reinvent anything.

Of course, being that simple probably means there's a lot of hidden work. As a developer myself I respect that. :)

The cat and I have developed a system: He licks my leg, I pick him up and put him on the desk, he uses the desk to pounce on a bit of fluff or paper on the floor.

Repeat forever.

Another first in cat ownership: First blood. It's been oozing since I complained about the cat using my legs as a waypoint.

My wife has various theories about why the cat meows.

After a couple days of study, I'm convinced it's just to fuck with us.

omg cat I will let you onto this desk a hundred times every day for a hundred years if you never try to use my legs as a waypoint to scratch your way up again

According to Sylvester the Kitten:

Tired: Shredded cheese.
Wired: Shredded cheese with habanero.

The cat has found the best way to annoy the most people: while my wife sleeps on the couch so he can sleep nearby, he meows at the bedroom door to get in here with me.

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My wife is sleeping out on the couch so the cat will sleep with her. I think I might’ve been scammed here.

The cat wanted me to tell you all “Aàeequeese” but he couldn’t find the Post button. I don’t know what it means, either.

Saw a dramatic picture of a cat chasing a butterfly and thought, "Chase your dreams and kill them."

Sylvester and I had a brief argument about whether or not he's allowed on my desk while I'm working. I'm happy to announce we've reached a compromise, where he's allowed on the far side of my desk while I'm working.

Sylvester has decided my desk surface is the most interesting place in the house. Sorry, kitty, but I'm going to have to resist this one.

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