I just hooked up with this girland she asked me to grab her chapstick and I noticed it was burts bees and all I could think about was that time people here said burt fucks the bees and then without thinking i said "hey did you know burt fucks the bees?" please help

Its really fucked up that this was only like 2 weeks ago. I feel like it's been a decade.

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@tarzanboy just roll with it man, good way to check for long term potential though

@tarzanboy readings this, paired with your display name, you never had a chance

@radicalrobit no and then she just went into the bathroom for a long time

@tarzanboy @radicalrobit honestly, I can't even imagine a normie + you, and so really this whole incident is her fault. This is what you get when you try to slide out of your lane, Megan

@ItsJenNotGabby @tarzanboy @radicalrobit
Normals love tarzanboy.
I'm essentially a conservative grandfather.

@ItsJenNotGabby @tarzanboy @radicalrobit

She's not that normal though. Has all kinds if witch looking alters and crystals n shit. Said we can't date because i'm Christian and she's native. So I think I might somehow be the normie here.

@tarzanboy it is good that you told her that Burt fucks the bees, imo

@tarzanboy facts don't care about her feelings, burt fucks the bees and people should know about it

@tarzanboy I am literally on my floor wheezing at this post

@tarzanboy (wearing a lab coat) you're going to die of online

@tarzanboy I had to restrain myself from sharing this fact with my coworkers so I understand your struggle

@tarzanboy if she said "yeah he fucks me too" put a ring on it

@tarzanboy let me tell you bout the burt and the bees and the flowers and the trees

@tarzanboy until such time as she gets ahold of you and tells you "show me what burt does to the bees," yes

@bryceyoungquist I'd have to tell her I can't because Burt's lawyers had the footage scrubbed from the internet before i could grab it.

@tarzanboy @tarzanboy Has she contacted you since she told you "shut the hell up bitch" ?!?

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