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We will eat them and everything they value. We will spread the complexity that causes the rotting brains of nationalists to black out in terror and incomprehension. The future -- the swirling possibility to come -- is an acid that will dissolve them, leaving no trace.

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It's a common misconception that entropy is death.

Entropy is the tendency for things to become intertwined. The paths of particles woven together into the fabric of spacetime. Entropy gives rise to life, it drives complexity. Diversification. Globalization.

The inevitability of entropy is the inevitable victory of life over fascism.

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This fking terrorists want people to fear to do their most basic rituals, praying, they stabbed the community in its core existence by making them think twice the next time someone goes to pray in a mosque, white conservatives have been always the terrorists and will always be

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@hdansin its easy you know to take sentences out of its context and present it in a new form to support whatever debate you want....but even in this, he is still a white asshole....
"But there are no colonies of which the progress has been more rapid than that of the English in North America." from his book wealth of nations, chapter vii

@hdansin if he knew back then that hundred's of years after him, people instead of "competing" for the "best" thing, rather will be trying to work and collaborate together on projects that tries to go beyond their blind individualism(self) and isn't driven by "self-interest" as he puts it, but rather to think more of the communities as an autonomous entities that the more we nurture it, the more it will grow, the more the people of the community will grow....i think ihe would will kill himself

@hdansin His "competition" philosophy shaped the human race (as all fking capitalism) and become a constant for our way of thinking, not only in our relationships with work/money, but also the inter-personal relationships, where it reinforced shit load of male-ruled societies where "the markets needs the strongest" become the slogan.....

@hdansin the dude is the root founder of what we are being suffocated with today..this ideas of "free" economy and market is one of the points that was used to normalize and rationalize the colonizing of other countries...

Also the structuring of economy based on 'competition" , is pretty much an idea of boys in prep school with gang fighting as a philosophy...
its shit and proved that it serves no one except the people at the top of the pyramid..

the problem was never with tech...the problem was always with the white assholes that run it....

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@hdansin he still a "figure" in most of the academia around the world, in the sense of admiration and fascination ...but personally i think he is an asshole

I think it would be a cool feature to be able comment over the boosts...

@rootkitty its oky, i discovered just need to get the media_ids and post with the status

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