>music live coding setup
I didn't realise I needed this
>crossfades between hotswaps
I didn't realise I *really* needed this

>problems X solved 40 years ago

Thankfully Wayland/waypipe seem to solve this problem better than X, which is a pretty low bar since X is awful at sending windows over the network.

One time I had to ssh -Y into firefox from a (relatively close) country and got about 1 frame a minute.

noob question, economics 

@wolf480pl This is similar to a question that's been debated for a long time en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tendency

@lynne@pars.ee Interesting, do any of them do that in practice?

@paul I've tried before to write my own DSP system in C but I'm not very familiar with what's already out there. Does PD/SC stand for Pure Data/SuperCollider?

@sir Honestly having compartmentalised namespaces for files and enums is IMO the most trivial thing that would improve QoL in C by 1000%^, so I'm all for example[namespace separator]OPTION_A.

^That and string literals that initialise to something that has a length

@lynne@pars.ee The static generators I've tried (pelican, sigal), have pretty much just been python wrappers around jinja2. After not getting them to do exactly what I want, I ended up just stealing the parts I wanted and writing the rest myself.

@sir I recently kept getting kdenlive crashes that would reset my GPU and corrupt all screen output over all TTYs. I think this only happened when trying to use specifically HEVC clips that I recorded with ffmpeg's kmsgrab and VAAPI encoding

@lynne@pars.ee Nice work :) I've been looking for something like this for a while, will try it out


@sir New programming language called... hart? hert? harec? Like C or Go and the whole stdlib fits on a floppy? And the file on the left is the language syntax definition?

@sir I forked the Cage compositor to do a Unix-style take on multimedia/interactive presentations, check it out


Cage-Present: A Wayland compositor that wraps up a list of sequential commands into a single window to use as a presentation.


@sir OK after looking up the word cirno and seeing a blue anime grill I'm pretty sure I'm on the right track

@sir Looking up the tables it looks like "yyt cirno login"? Or is it meant to say TTY?

@sir If you found a piece of software that you needed but was missing from your OS's package repos (and was obscure enough that lots of other people weren't likely to use it), would it be better to manually install to /usr/local or write your own package manager file for it (eg APKBUILD)? Would it be the same for a standalone program vs say a python package on PyPi?

"Omae wa mou shindeiru"
Floating point exception (core dumped)

@sir I spent the weekend setting up a personal email server off my home connection *before* finding out that spam filtering based on rDNS is apparently a thing, and that there's apparently no way to change it on my ISP ;_;

@sir Very cool! Are there any noticeable performance hits to having a separate cage instance tied to each window,?

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