Seriously disappointed that the Cybertruck wheels are round. Stick to the design and make them pentagonal!

@map Are there game dev slow jams? That sounds like something that must exist somewhere.

@jeffgerstmann Luckily my kid enjoys: and not just "It's Peppa Pig" for the 50th time in one day, but she enjoys that as well I cannot get it out of my head it is starting to hurt help

"Keen Dreams" episode of Commander Keen is now also available on in addition to Nintendo Switch. Do not buy it as part of the profit goes to the current owner Javier Chavez, who is a nazi.

@map And I thought I took Minecraft seriously. On the other hand, the manual labor was what I always enjoyed in Minecraft, dug a fair share of big holes just for the sake of having a big hole.

@map I try to order directly from the restaurant as often as possible, but many now simply link their Lieferando shop...

@map It is very sad. I hope there will be ways of making it tenable again. Independent game devs moved the culture and industry forward in so many ways.

@map I really worry about the future for small-ish indie game devs. Just read a thread by Jake Birkett (Regency Solitaire, Shadowhand) this morning and he was very pessimistic. If the cloud subscription models and game pass/bundles are the only way for indies to make a living, they will become more and more dependent on major publishers and/or platform holders. I wonder if Double Fine could have continued on their own (esp. after the Starbreeze disaster).

@map Thanks! I'll look into getting that one. An NVidia Shield-like setup sounds amazing.

@map That setup is scarily familiar. Is the phone cradle attached to the pad and does it work well enough? Still looking for something like that.

@jeff That sounds cool. I still remember thinking that "mouse look" was kinda goofy or how positively mind-blowing an auto-map was.

@map Good to hear! I feel like his style is just not well suited to demagogues who thrive on attention and a lack of context.

@map I listened to the most recent episode of Theory of Everything and to Benjamin's credit he calls the "Failure (prelude)" episode an utter catastrophe and says that he thought it would come across completely differently and it would show how clueless these people are. I still cannot understand how he ever thought this was a good idea. The episode really rubbed me the wrong way and I have usually really liked his Internet-focused episodes. For what it's worth, I hope he learns from this.

@jeff This is the content I come to Mastodon for. A+ tooter, would retoot again!

@map Thanks! I found it, but the installer did not work. Until I set it to English, then it worked fine. We'll see if this old MacBook Air can pull that kind of load. Thanks again!

@map did you do anything special to get it to run? I tried with Crossover and could not get it to install (simply the buttons to continue were not there/clickable, iirc).

@danjokaz00ie I just bought a simple HTML template and cheap, plain webspace. Way cheaper, but of course you need to be comfortable to edit HTML to change anything on the site.

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