TFW when you discover one of your favorite podcast networks also has a show that positively features Gamergäte, Jordan B Lobsterson and the Google memo guy. :/


@map I listened to the most recent episode of Theory of Everything and to Benjamin's credit he calls the "Failure (prelude)" episode an utter catastrophe and says that he thought it would come across completely differently and it would show how clueless these people are. I still cannot understand how he ever thought this was a good idea. The episode really rubbed me the wrong way and I have usually really liked his Internet-focused episodes. For what it's worth, I hope he learns from this.

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@sturek 👍🏻 thanks for letting me know. I already talked to him via dm and got the same impression.

@map Good to hear! I feel like his style is just not well suited to demagogues who thrive on attention and a lack of context.

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