So #fiberarts elephants! Would you be up for some sort of coordinated #knitting (or general #fibrearts) meetup on here? Like we decide on a time, everyone brings a project, a nice cup of tea or favorite drink and then we tell each other what we are working on, show pictures, talk fiber.

We would need to find a time that is working for multiple time zones but we could give it a try πŸ‘Ύ πŸ‘

This makes me angry:

I run my own mail server in a VPS. Its IP address is NOT blacklisted, and I have both SPF and DKIM properly configured. I do NOT send bulk mail.

But still, Gmail classifies my personal emails as SPAM.

Same email with same exactly same contents, sent through PoBox SMTP server goes to INBOX. Directly from VPS, goes to SPAM. No explanations, no public blacklist. It looks like they just don't want people going "indie". Sigh.

Kiu volas, ke #Esperanto estu pli uzata en Mastodon?

(Bonvolu respondi, eĉ se vi pensas ke tiu demando eble estas stulta.)

Trump immigration office removes "nation of immigrants" from mission statement

Southern Grocery Chain Publix Denies Coverage for HIV Prevention Pill

Gratulojn! Ni nun estas pli ol 100 uzantoj!

Mi daΕ­re pagos por Δ‰i tiu instanco, sed la kostoj nun duobligas kio antaΕ­e. (<100 uzantoj = EΕ­ro 5 monate,> 100 uzantoj = EΕ­ro 10 monate)

Se vi ŝatus helpi kun la kostoj, bonvolu fari Δ‰i tie:

Mi dankas vian helpon!


It's not the same, reading about forests in ebooks.
Paper remembers the whispered wind, the dappled light, the soft smell. And honours it.
#MicroFiction #tootfic #smallstories

I’m visiting Korea and they have cat everything. It makes me so happy!

Ugh, when people dear to you are vegetarian AND picky. Not a good combination for an airport lounge!

Yeah, this pretty much sums me up right now. I'm trying out for journaling. When you're done, it gives you an analysis of your writing.

It's very frustrating that all the jobs I would really like involve appealing to "People", the demographic I typically perform poorly with

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