We are delighted to have just released our third major release of , the productivity platform, to our internal testers. Read more about it at streambits.io/2020/05/29/in-th

Just deployed an early build of Alpha 3! 🎉 This build features an emoji selector, early Markdown support, and bug fixes. Here's a tease of some features and we have more in the works for Alpha 3 coming next week, so keep an eye out for news on that! 🚀

Currently a work in progress but we thought we'd tease the upcoming Emoji Selector for Alpha 3! 🚀

Streambits Alpha 1 deployment going well 🚀 Some early related issues have been resolved, both Pings and automatic connection cleanup working as expected.

Let the testing and even more rapid product iteration begin!

We've been working on making more mobile friendly in preparation for Alpha 1 testing.

Want to be one of the first to find out when we launch our early access? Head over to streambits.io/collea/ and sign up!

Got direct image embedding implemented in alpha thanks to some work we did on our open source link parsing library. We'll be extended this soon to other "types" of links like direct links to videos, adding fancy lightboxes, and more!

Link parsing library: github.com/JoshStrobl/sauron

Spent some time before an internal alpha deployment of to implement some niceties like a basic User Card. Ties in well with some new Streambits Core features for Accounts like generated username tags for mentions and global + server specific display names!

Whether you're sharing without a doubt the best song on the Internet with your team, or maybe a more slightly meaningful link, Streambits is going to have you covered.

You could say we're never gonna give you up, nor will we let you down.

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isn't just for messaging, but it's a pretty crucial part of the workflow. So here we are, testing out messaging now. Hello world. 👋

Oh and yes, there is a dark mode. 🕶️

Interested on checking it out in early access when it's ready? Head on over to streambits.io and sign up to be notified when we roll out invites!

We're thrilled to be launching the first iteration of our website! Check it out to learn about our upcoming products, services, and inquire about our custom solutions! streambits.io 🚀


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