thinking about setting up an own mastodon server but I'm unsure about legal risks..

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@bigzaphod we had this question in an EV group and discovered that a fully charged EV battery is heavier by about 0.8 grains of sand.

Maybe i should begin learning Swift and iOS development by creating a mastodon client. Not as competitor to amaroq, just for fun.

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@chrisdejabet Hi Chris, Welcome to the free world 😂 Which iOS Client do you use? I‘m currently using Amaroq

"backblaze: Hard Drive Stats for Q1 are out! See how are 82,516 hard drives are fairing our datacenter:"

How can i disable inline previews of mail attachments in Apple Mail on macOS Sierra 10.12.4?

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Booting macOS from an SuperDuper! backup drive via USB 2.0 is sooo slow!

Jetzt wollte ich mal schlau sein und die Zahnpasta wg. des Fluorids durch ersetzen und nu ist dort Strontiumchlorid enthalten.
In Zukunft putze ich mit einem einfachen Backstein.

News from @panic ! One of my favourite software companies.
Really looking forward to the Transmit 5 release.👍🏻

Warum beim Wechsel des Internetproviders der Telekomtechniker zu Besuch kommt -

Hahaha, schön mal Gesichter zum chaosradio zu sehen 😃
Anders als erwartet 😂
Danke für die CCC-TV AppleTV app.

Metadata is getting huge and snapshots also. See
$ btrfs filesystem df /volume1

Solved by deleting all snapshots and rebalance metadata

$ btrfs balance start -m /volume1

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