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🇫🇷 Dimanche 25 mars aura lieu une maintenance de l'instance dont la durée est estimée à trois heures maximum.

Début : 01:00 UTC (02:00 heure française).
Fin estimée : 04:00 UTC (06:00 heure française).

À la suite de cette opération, dans les jours qui suivent, la recherche textuelle devrait être mise en place.

🇬🇧 Instance updated to v2.3.0 yesterday evening. Full-text search will come later, some server maintenance is needed before.

🇫🇷 Instance mise à jour vers la 2.3.0. La recherche textuelle sera disponible plus tard, quelques maintenances du serveur étant nécessaires auparavant.

🇬🇧 Impressive. We're now running Mastodon v2.2.0. 🎉

🇫🇷 Impressionnant. L'instance est maintenant sous Mastodon v2.2.0. 🎉

🇬🇧 Say welcome to Mastodon v2.1.2!

🇫🇷 Souhaitez la bienvenue à Mastodon v2.1.2 !

🇫🇷 Désolé pour la panne.

Un serveur a des difficultés à répétition ces derniers temps et a cessé de répondre. Une maintenance sera prochainement programmée pour s'occuper de ces problèmes.

🇬🇧 Sorry for the downtime (~ 20 minutes)

One server just stopped responding. I still have no clue why we're having repeated issues with it. I'll probably schedule a maintenance soon to look into that.

🇬🇧 Say welcome to Mastodon v2.1.0!

🇫🇷 Souhaitez la bienvenue à Mastodon v2.1.0 !

🇬🇧 We no longer federate with

This means it is now impossible to see statuses, to follow and to interact in any way with people on this instance. blocks whole countries they considerate hostile and we believe this is a huge error. This is pure racism, tainted with hate and we don't want to promote this behavior. is the only blocked instance on xyz. While we want to be as open as possible to all opinions, we don't want to be open to fascists.

🇫🇷 Nous ne fédérons plus avec

Il n'est plus possible de voir leurs statuts ni d'interargir de quelque façon que ce soit avec cette instance. bloque des pays entiers qu'ils considèrent hostiles and nous croyons qu'il s'agit d'une erreur. C'est du racisme, de la haine et nous ne souhaitons pas promouvoir ce comportement.

Il s'agit de la seule instance bloquée sur xyz. Nous souhaitons rester ouverts, mais ne voulons pas que les fachistes se sentent les bienvenus.

Starting the migration of the instance to 2.0.0 now.

Expect some slow responses from the instance and maybe some downtime.

Today marks the first anniversary of #Mastodon! 🎂

What's your favorite Mastodon memory so far? 🐘 Share them with the hashtag #MastodonMemory!

Medias are working again, thanks for your patience.

(and yep actually there's a flag mistake as these toots are in english)

Right now all communication between the two servers has been disabled so the instance is still working but the media are not.

In fact, as the main server also stores recently used media, you can still see avatars and recently posted media but you cannot upload anything.

This should be hoped in next hours. Updates will be posted here when the situation evolves.

More technical (and personal) info coming soon on @TheKinrar account. (in French, but you can still ask in English)

🇫🇷 Some updates about the issues we're encountering today.

We have two servers for one big main server and one storage server which stores media.

The storage server has network issues since this morning that we cannot fix alone (problems with our hoster).

Then the main server also had problems delivering pages because it was trying to communicate with the media server.


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