🇫🇷 Some updates about the issues we're encountering today.

We have two servers for mastodon.xyz: one big main server and one storage server which stores media.

The storage server has network issues since this morning that we cannot fix alone (problems with our hoster).

Then the main server also had problems delivering pages because it was trying to communicate with the media server.



Right now all communication between the two servers has been disabled so the instance is still working but the media are not.

In fact, as the main server also stores recently used media, you can still see avatars and recently posted media but you cannot upload anything.

This should be hoped in next hours. Updates will be posted here when the situation evolves.

More technical (and personal) info coming soon on @TheKinrar account. (in French, but you can still ask in English)

(and yep actually there's a flag mistake as these toots are in english)

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