Great news: everything should now be working fine again on this instance, including media upload.

These last two to three days have been difficult but everything should be back working normally now.

If you see anything wrong, please contact this account or, more preferably, @TheKinrar (or send an email to

We'll investigate the details of what happened and take measures to prevent this from happening again later today. Stay tuned. :)

Thank you everyone. 🎉

Sidekiq queue has a latency of about 25 minutes; that means you might need to wait that same time to see the consequences of your actions on the web UI - like sending a toot, replying, favoriting, etc. Latency will come down eventually and everything should be fine then.

Okay so it's getting better now but expect some bugs still happening. Please let me now how it's going, either directly here or sending me an email at if it gets bad again.

Thank you all for your patience!

Our media server is currently down so media upload is currently broken and some media won't load.

We're investigating the issue - sorry for the inconvenience!

We have encountered some technical issues this morning with a web server, preventing media from showing. This is now fixed, sorry for the inconvenience.

Nous avons rencontré un petit problème technique avec le serveur web ce matin empêchant le chargement des images, tout est rentré dans l'ordre maintenant, désolé pour le dérangement !

This instance is now (more than) two years old! 🎉

Sorry for the downtime, our main server ran out of disk space.

Instance is now silenced as it is a NSFW instance and a lot of untagged content was coming into our federated timeline.

Silence only means it won't show in the federated timeline. You can still see profiles, follow people and interact with them.

@TheKinrar All transfers are done! If you encounter any issue, something is wrong, contact this account or @TheKinrar.

@TheKinrar Tous les transferts sont terminés ! Si vous remarquez un problème, ce n'est pas normal, contactez ce compte ou @TheKinrar.

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