making #gemini requests on the kobo: Complete! Now to build a human-usable client around this!

@nihilazo Awesome, I was thinking of doing the same to my Tolino reader. But I haven't even figured out how to flash or add software to it. Have you got any code to go with that screenshot?

@stapper I'm not sure about the tolino, you'd have to look specifically for that device. On the kobo, you can install nickelmenu and then the gemini client is just a go program launched from that, that uses the fbink library to access the kobo's framebuffer. Some quick searching makes the tolino appear to be running android, it's worth looking on mobileread:


@nihilazo Wait tolino seems to be from owned by Kobo... checking the license does indicate an android running.

@stapper ah, ok. Even if it is made by kobo, if it's running android the software side of things will be completely different, sorry

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