yeah I mainly just watch DVDs



was honestly so thrilling to hear these megastars deliver iconic lines I remembered from the book (well the audiobook in my case)

like when Zendaya said "END PART ONE. TURN TAPE OVER."


@andy My sister got into running recently, so for her birthday I made her an mp3 mix of songs with "run" in the title.

When I got to Tom Petty's "Running Down a Dream" I was surprised to hear the track end with: "Hello CD listeners. We've come to the point in this album where those listening on cassette or record will have to stand up or sit down and turn over the record or tape. In fairness to those listeners we will now take a few seconds before we begin side two."


@smurph incredible media artifact, wow! did they get Tom himself to record the statement? would be fascinated to learn what internal format war reasoning went into that decision.


@smurph incidentally both Dune and Petty are slated for discussion in my diss, thanks to and respectively



@andy Nice! Taking a random guess, did "The End of Radio" by Shellac also a contender?

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@smurph it sure is -- and a superior song by several orders of magnitude

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